Now is the Time to List Your Atlanta Home For Sale

Now is the Time to List Your Atlanta Home For Sale

List your Atlanta homeList your Atlanta home for sale – right now!  The market is hot and you can get more dollars for your home now than in the past 5 years.  Real estate markets are starting to swing in the sellers favor for some inside the perimeter Atlanta Georgia neighborhoods. This great news for sellers carries an alarm bell for home buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines.  Prices are starting to move, inventories are starting to drop and the best properties are selling quickly.


If you are a home seller who has been waiting for the markets to stabilize, you may be getting your wake up call.  It is time to start addressing the issues necessary to put your home on the market.


  •  Address any leaking basement, leaking roof and other “water issues” These are still deal killers and you will be severely penalized in this market if the items are not fixed before putting on the market.

  • Paint, paint, paint.  This is the single best thing you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers.

  • Clean up the landscape.  Cut back overgrown shrubs, remove English Ivy, kill the weeds and fertilize your lawn.  Cutting back over grown trees is also recommended.

  • Floors.  It is a painful subject.  Most of us (including me) live in homes where the floors need some attention.  Older carpets need to be replaced.  Hardwood floors are often in need of refinishing.

  • De-clutter.  Hold a garage sale, haul stuff to Goodwill or give away. 


Putting your home on the market requires some preparation. If you need help identifying dependable and affordable contractors, give me a call at 404-229-2995. 

I am also happy to provide a FREE market analysis of your home which will guide you in determining an appropriate listing price for your home.