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English Team Marketing Plan = Results driven marketing powered by

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Sally English has a long track record of successfully marketing and selling hundreds of homes in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  Her record of success is a result of constantly adapting to the needs of buyers seeking well located homes with high financial and emotional value.  Sally helps sellers understand the mindset of today’s buyer and find ways to make their home adapt to current  lifestyles. By monitoring trends in the marketplace she will position your home for success in the marketplace. Together we prepare your strategy for selling your home in a challenging real estate market. Sally’s  savvy English Team marketing plan emphasizes the basics and explores the frontier of new technology.

Preparing Your Home for the Atlanta Market

Sally’s marketing plan begins with a walk-through of your home.  Sally will help you see your home through the eyes of a buyer touring Atlanta, Georgia homes for sale.  Sally’s experience as a Realtor and a former Custom Home builder allows her to identify potential buyer objections to your home AND propose cost effective solutions that will get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.  Often these items just require a little elbow grease at zero cost to you, the seller!  Sally also has an contact list of qualified and affordable workmen and contractors if you need some outside help.  Call Sally before you pay too much for updates to your home! Preparing your home for sale in the Atlanta market is probably going to be easier than you imagine.

Correctly Pricing Your Home For the Atlanta Real Estate Market

An integral part of the marketing strategy for selling your Atlanta Home is to correctly price your home for the market.  You don’t want to leave money on the table at closing but if priced too high your home will languish on the market without showings or any activity by potential buyers.  It is a fine line to walk and Sally’s experience will help you analyze your home’s value in the marketplace. One of the most important components of the Sally’s English Team marketing plan is helping you find the right list price for your home.

Staging Your Atlanta Home

Once your home is ready for the marketplace, Sally will assist you in staging your home for maximum appeal to potential home buyers.  Our goal is to give buyers a vision of how their family’s lifestyle would “adapt” to your home and enjoy the home’s many features.

Buyers Search for Homes On the Internet

Nine out of ten home buyers now use the internet in their search for a home to buy.  Wow, that is almost 100%.  Sally and the English Team make full use of all the resources the internet and Web 2.0 have to offer to reach out to potential home buyers.  Your home is featured on dozens of internet web sites. NOBODY lists homes on more Internet websites than Sally English.

English Team Proprietary Web Site

Sally English owns it, operates it and the englishteam.com website has been designed to give your home the best possible exposure in the Atlanta, Georgia Home market.

English Team Multiple Listing Services

MLS is still the number one resource for identifying your home as a candidate for a potential home buyer. As a member of First Multiple Listing Service and Georgia Multiple Listing Service we position your home located in MLS searches statewide.  Your home needs exposure to all buyers coming into the Atlanta, Georgia home market:

  • First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS)
  • Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS)

English Team Showcase Listings in Realtor.com

Realtor.com was built in conjunction with the National Association of Realtors. Realtor.com is one of the top three most visited real estate web site in the world.  Sally English takes full advantage of all the opportunities Realtor.com has to offer by paying significant marketing fees to showcase all our listings.  This under the radar advertising creates significantly more opportunities for your home to be noticed by buyers surfing homes for sale in Atlanta, Georgia. Many Realtors can honestly tell you your homes will be “listed” in Realtor.com.  Few agents can offer the added benefits of “Showcasing” your home or making your home on Realtor.com because of the added expense.  We go the extra mile to make sure your home gets noticed!

Sally English Is A Trulia Pro

17.3 million buyers and sellers search Trulia each month.  All agents can list their listings for free on Trulia.  Sally English advertises (yes we pay extra even though a listing is free) so that our listings receive preferential treatment. We get “Featured Listings” so that our client’s listings are prioritized at the top of search results. We get an enhanced “contact form” that sends inquiries about your listing directly to Sally English and she gets bonus exposure for your listing.

Zillow Premium Listing Exposure for your Listing

Zillow is the leader of the pack in real estate websites.  It is the number one most visited real estate database. Your listing will be highlighted across Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate, and on Zillow’s top-rated mobile apps. As an advertiser with Zillow’s Premier Agent package Sally English receives “Featured Listings” that get moved to the top of search results in your area. On average, Featured Listings generate 3x more traffic compared to standard listings. she also receives access through “Zillow Special Offers” to merchandise, market and differentiate a listing through a seller-funded concession. These concessions give buyers something extra at closing, such as $3,000 credit off closing costs. The end result: 1. Move your listing to the top of search results. 2. Differentiate your listings from others on the market, 3. Give sellers a great alternative to price cuts.

Syndication to an ever increasing list of Web sites

Through our relationships with national and local real estate entities your home listing will appear on web sites at destinations changing so rapidly we can’t post a complete list, ever! Nobody lists your home on more websites than Sally English!

High Impact Color Flyer

Black and white media has gone the way of the phone booth.  It is a technology nearing extinction.  Even newspapers gave in and started using color print.  Sally’s English Team’s print materials are in full color and represent ALL of your home’s strengths to the potential home buyer.  Your home flyer is available to “drive buy” home buyers from our custom INFO box.  The same color photo flyer is available inside your home for buyers who tour the property.  Cross marketing of your home with other Sally English listings on a full color attachment allows your home to make an impression on home buyers who drive by other English Team homes in a similar price range.

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) on Marketing Materials

Have you noticed those funny looking blocks on marketing materials?  These QR code blocks can be scanned by iPhones, Droid and other smart phones with a QR app and the scan will take them directly to your listing on the English Team website.  How cool is that!  We place the QR code on the signs in front of your house and on house flyers.  A buyer can scan the QR code for your home and immediately look at 25 photos of the interior of your home, check the price, square footage etc.

FMLS Search on the Englishteam.com Website

Sally offers visitors to englishteam.com free home search engine for Atlanta FMLS.  Buyers can search for homes all over Atlanta injust a few clicks.  All of Sally’s listings are high lighted in this search so your home gets noticed first.  Visitors can search by school district, zip code, neighborhood or create their own criteria.

Immediate and Constant Feedback From Agents Who Show Your Home

Sally’s software tools allow us to email immediate feedback from agents who show your home. You will have access to actual Realtor comments about your home. Find out how the buyers who toured your home rank it in the marketplace.  Feedback is an invaluable marketing tool for analyzing your home’s price point and understanding how your home is received by potential buyers.

Talk to a Real Person

Sally English is available almost 24/7 to discuss any element of the sale of your home.  Call or text Sally direct at 404.229.2995 for updates, changes or advice you can trust about how to sell your home quickly.  Sally is known for her integrity in the marketplace.  Straight talk and honest opinions are always available.

English Team Buyers Agents On Staff to Show Your Home

Sally English and The English Team are available to show your home to buyer prospects who have not engaged the services of a Broker.  We open up your home for these “soft” buyers who have not officially entered the real estate market but have an interest in your home.

Cover the Basics

Distinctive signage, excellent photography, virtual tours, personal websites, Sunday open houses, directional signs and SUPRA agent lockboxes are all part of The English Team marketing mix.  Some of the old marketing standbys are mixed with the latest technological developments.  That is a winning combination for selling your home in a competitive marketplace.

Networking with Buyer’s Agents

Reputation is everything when working with Atlanta, Georgia Buyer’s agents.  Sally English has built a strong reputation for getting the deal done in the Atlanta real estate market.  Our win-win negotiating skills and relationships with hundreds of home buyer Realtors help many families find a way to make your home their next home.  Our office is one of the largest brokerages in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are constantly in touch with real estate agent colleagues about homes we have on the market.

Negotiating the Contract and Getting You To the Closing Table

Sally English is your representative at the negotiating table and she knows the territory well.  She will help guide you through complex negotiations, inspections and workouts.  Sally finds ways around, over and through any obstacles to getting your home sold. Nobody represents you better than Sally English

SALLY, List my home!

Not Sure What to Do Next?

If the process seems a bit overwhelming, call Sally for some straight talk and honest opinions about your Atlanta, Georgia home.  We can help!  Walking you step by step through the home selling process is my vocation.  I appreciate the opportunity to discuss your family’s largest material asset.

Email or text or call Sally at 404.229.2995.