Tucker Garden Tour at Cole Gardens

Tucker Garden Tour at Cole Gardens

25 Garden Front gate Front 20 Front Corner 20 Front door 1 Front door Garden A Corner Garden Back Corner Garden Back yard Garden Bridge Forward 11 Garden Bridge reverse 1 Garden Bridge Reverse 2 Garden Bridge Reverse 3 Garden Bridge steps 1 Garden Bridge Steps 2 Garden Fenced back yard 2 Garden Fenced back yard 11 Garden Flower Beds 2 Garden Flower Beds 3 Garden Flower Beds 4 Garden Flower Beds 11 Garden Flower Beds 12 Garden Flower beds 13 Garden Flower Beds 15 Garden Flower Beds 16 Garden Front field 1 Garden Sitting Area 1 Patio 11 Patio Reverse 1 Patio Reverse 5 Storage Building 1 Storage Building 2 Storage Building 3 Storage Building 5Tucker Garden Tour at Cole Gardens displays the extraordinary work (more like passion) of Tom and Donna Cole who have transformed their acre size grounds into a delightful garden. Wander the stone paths and discover flower beds, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, flowering trees, an wonderful storage building, grape arbors – all surrounded by an evergreen privacy buffer.

Please enjoy this Tucker Garden Tour at Cole Gardens by perusing the photos below.  You will also find the pages from past Tucker Garden Tours and some exquisite garden details.

Cole Gardens is a Georgia garden lovingly created by Tom and Donna Cole at their home at 3702 Mary Anna Drive Tucker, Georgia

Learn more about the house HERE

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