Tough Real Estate Market Creates Some Atypical Housing Situations

Tough real estate market creates some atypical housing situations

My daughter Ellie is a senior engineering student at Vanderbilt University and was offered a great job in her hometown (Atlanta Georgia) after graduation.  My first thought: great, she can live at home for a bit and build up some cash.  I would NEVER have thought this would be an option in years past.  Once kids go through college they tend to seek an independent living situation.  Things are different these days and moving back in with the parents is no longer unusual or taboo.

Had a great guy come through an open house today.  He is looking for housing because of a divorce.  He and his Ex Wife have finalized the divorce but he has been living in the basement apartment in their home becoause of economics.  He says his wife wants to end this situation but the economics have forced them to live together even though their marriage ended.

My brother in law lives in a mega mansion in North Fulton.  He and his wife have rented out an apartment over the garage to help pay the house note.  Paul is a homebuilder and needless to say his revenue is down.  Adding a rentor to the roll helps him pay the monthly house note.

This tough real estate market creates some atypical housing situations.