Selling Your Gwinnett County Home in 2012

Selling Your Gwinnett County Home in 2012

Are you looking to sell your Gwinnett County Home in 2012?  If the answer is yes, take a minute to consider where your buyer might be coming from AND how to attract that buyer to view and purchase your home.

 Many Gwinnett County buyers are moving from closer in neighborhoods where they have been renting an apartment or leasing a house.  A significant umber of these buyers start their home search in DeKalb County and then move further out as they realize they are not able to purchase a home that meets their needs in DeKalb at a price they can afford.

 Gwinnett County home buyers are often looking for a larger home than they can purchase in DeKalb for a simlar amount of money.  These buyers may need 4 bedrooms and find they can only afford a 3 bedroom home in DeKalb.  Other buyers may need a basement and find the homes with basements in DeKalb are not in their price range.

 However, only a few miles down the road, prices in Gwinnet are more affordable and it is generally agreed a home buyr can “buy more house” in Gwinnett for the same or less amount of money.  Affordability is the driving variable.

 How can you market to these home buyers that are searching only DeKalb County listings at first?  Why not list your Gwinnett County home with a Broker who specializes in DeKalb COunty Homes in the 30084, 30345, 30340, 30338 and 30341 zip codes.

Sally English and The English Team will place your home on Internet, print and advertising media that get seen by DeKalb County homebuyers.  Once we find out what their needs are we can guide them to your Gwinnett County home and on to a purchase.

Are you facing potential foreclosure?  Sally English and The English Team are experienced in avoiding foreclosure through short sales.  We know how to negotiate with your bank and how to get the banks approval to sell your home for less than you now owe on your loan.

Call Sally today at 404-229-2995 and we can have your home on the market the next morning.  Get it done!