Richards Fried Chicken at Krog Street

Richards Fried Chicken at Krog Street

Richards Fried Chicken Sign at Krog StreetDidn’t plant to eat a Richards Fried Chicken sandwich at Krog Street Market but the valet parking guys changed my original plans.  My daughter Caroline, who lives in Virginia, was finishing up a week long visit to Atlanta.  She and her friend Catherine did a bike ride on the Beltline and were meeting the rest of the family at the Krog Street Market.  We planned to dine at the tasty food stalls in the market and then head home to pack up her car for the long drive home the next day.

But….. as we were getting out of the car the valets at the the parking lot ($3.00 to park your car) were all munching on some tasty looking fried chicken sandwiches.  All five of them.  I mentioned they looked tasty and the guys said “heck yeah they’re good. And they are free.”  Turns out Richards Fried Chicken was handing out samples in preparation for their grand opening on Monday July 11.

Richards Fried Chicken at Krog Street MarketWe unloaded the car and headed in to find out if the parking guys had it right.  Yes – we found the stall for Richard’s Fried Chicken and YES they were handing out fried chicken sandwiches.

After grabbing a sandwich we headed to the picnic style tables and sent one of our group members over for drinks at Hop City.

First bite was an explosion of hot goodness.  The chicken was hot from the fryer and the spices were hot.  Also tasted the pimento cheese and pickle.  Wow – lots of heat.  But after the first bite the fire started to subside and my immediate thought – after a sip of my beverage from Hop City – was that a second bite was needed and needed quickly.

Richards Fried Chicken TableThe slow burn became a glorious wonderful feeling and before I realized it I had consumed the whole chicken sandwich.

Gone were my plans for a laffa from Yalla.  And gone were my plans for some dumplings from Gu’s.  Instead I felt full and satisfied by that glorious chicken sandwich from Richards Fried Chicken.  As if there were not all ready so much to love about Krog Street Market.  I so wish my neighborhood had a Krog Street Market.