Of Course You Thought Your Agent Agreed With Your Overpriced Listing

Of Course You Thought Your Agent Agreed With Your Overpriced Listing

My Active Rain Associate, Charita Cadenhead in Birmingham Alabama has written a great post about how some real estate agents take over priced listings.  The problem is that the sellers thought the real estate agent had agreed with the price they thought was right for their home.  By accepting the listing, the sellers thought the real estate agent was on board with the pricing.  

WRONG.  The agent took the overpriced listing so they could beat down the sellers on the price later in the process and take advantage of their trusting client.

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Via Charita Cadenhead, Your Birmingham, AL Realtor® & Property Manager of Choice (Bham WIiRE Realty LLC ):

Of Course You Thought Your Agent Agreed With Your Overpriced Listing

And why wouldn’t you? The mere fact that s/he took the grossly overpriced listing seems clear to me that it was a two thumbs up. In essence, by accepting the listing, the agent gave you the validation that the number you came up with was, in fact, the market value of your home.

It doesn’t matter if the listing agent walked through the door with data to the contrary.  Once they uploaded the listing in the MLS, it was a sign that the two of you were in agreement with the price.

I mean why else would an agent knowingly deceive you by accepting a listing based on what you perceived to be the value of your home, despite the overwhelming evident to the contrary?

And then to add insult to injury, when the low offers start to role in, the agent will be the first to proclaim “I told you the price was too high.” And if that be the case, I’d be screaming “Well why did you list it at that price?  You’re supposed to be the expert?”

And by all means, don’t fall for that line about “we’ll reduce the price in 30 days if the showings and offers don’t start rolling in.”  First of all, that’s your acknowledgment that you may be overpricing your home starting at the gate.  Secondly, you and your agent have just agreed to WASTE the most valuable marketing time of any home on the market and that’s the FIRST 30 DAYS.

I’m not trying to be mean.  I really do want your house to sell.  Really I do.

And if you want that too, let’s put all the cards on the table and let’s not waste any time pretending that your home is for sale.