How do real estate listing agents know when someone shows my home?

How do real estate listing agents know when someone shows my home?

Have you wondered How real estate listing agents know when someone shows your home? 

How do real estate listing agents know when someone shows my home?In Atlanta Georgia GE Supra key boxes are the main way real estate agents make keys available to showing agents at homes they have listed for sell.  Typically, MLS listings will have a line with “showing instructions” that tell an agent the correct protocol for showing a home.

“Call 770-999-8888 before showing” or “call listing agent before showing” are common showing instructions.  Other houses might have ” “vacant house, go and show anytime”  or “Baby in house needs special lead time before showings”  The absolute kiss of death in the Atlanta market right now is the showing instruction: “appointment only”.  Most agents are just not interested in planning that far ahead in this market.  For listings over 1 million, yes this makes sense in the Atlanta market.  Under 1 million, you are just asking to reduce your showings by agents.

So, how does your listing agent know when your house has been shown by a selling agent to a potential buyer client?

1. Realtors attach a GE Supra Lockbox to your front door that has a slide out key holder.  A key to your home is placed inside the Lockbox.


How do real estate listing agents know when someone shows my home?2. The “Lockbox” is opened when software inside the lockbox receives an infrared signal from a electronic key device.

2. Realtors have an electronic key issued through their local MLS that specifically identifies them by the infrared electronic code that is projected from the electronic key to the metal lockbox holding the key to your home. 

4. The electronic key owned by real estate agents wanting to show your home will not open the key lockbox attached to the front door of your home unless the electronic keybox holder correctly enters their PIN number in their electronic key box at the time of showing.

5. Presto Chango, the Supra software system notifies the MLS of the showing by a specific realtor and the specific date and time the key lockbox wea opened.  The Realtors Eectronic key (GE Supra) connects to the MLS Server and records the showing much like a cell phone text message or email from a smart phone.

As your listing agent, I can go in to my MLS and download this showing information and know exactly when your home was shown and by which specific real estate agent.

Each real estate member who is a member of the MLS is required to post teir contact information on the MLS roster, so I also have their email address and phone number.

I contact each agent who shows your home and request feedback from the showing.  More on that subject in the nect post.