Henderson Mill Elementary School Frequently Asked Questions for New Parents

Henderson Mill Elementary School Frequently Asked Questions for New Parents

Henderson Mill Elementary School Frequently Asked Questions for New Parents aA good percentage of homes I sell are located in the Henderson Mill Elementary School District (HMES).  My youngest daughter, Hannah, attended HMES and is now a successful college student in the Engineering program at UGA. Looking around the neighborhood, I can identify many successful young people who got their start at HMES.  So I have a strong emotion tie to the school.  As I was looking over the website, I came across an FAQ for new parents at HMES.  I putting a copy here so I can easily refer this information families looking at homes in the HMES school district.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for New Parents

Henderson Mill Elementary School


1. What are the school hours? 7:45 AM – 2:15 PM. You may drop off as early as 7:05 AM for

your child to wait outside his/her classroom until their classroom opens up at 7:25 AM. Safety Patrols and School Staff Members assist in watching the children during this time.


2. What is the school address? Henderson Mill Elementary, 2408 Henderson Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30345, Phone Number: 678-874-3102


3. What are the carpool drop off and pick up times/procedures? Carpool drop off begins at 7:05 AM until 7:45* AM and pick up starts at 2:20 PM until 2:35 PM. During afternoon pickup, please be aware that buses are loaded first starting at 2:15 PM and then carpoolers follow thereafter. Walkers will be dismissed from the picnic tables near play field. Carpool/car riders: display your child’s name and grade in the front windshield. You may pick up your carpool sign at Open House in the Media Center. *Bell rings at 7:45am. Children who arrive after 7:45am (late) need to be signed in at the front office by their parents


4. How does pick up & drop off work? Simply pull in line close to the right curb & wait until an attendant (student patrol or adult) opens the door for your child. Slowly pull away when your door is closed. Do the same at pick up time. Do not get out of your car…it is not safe & it slows down the line. Please be patient during drop off & pick up times. The safety of all of our students is our main concern. No cell phones are to be used during drop off or pick up. No exceptions. Do not pass other cars in the line; a carpool attendant will wave at you when it is time to move


5. How does the school lunch program work? Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the cafeteria. If your child chooses to have breakfast at school, be sure he/she arrives by 7:15 AM to allow enough time to eat. (


6. How do I pay for school lunch? At school: You may send cash or check in an envelope with your child including the student’s name, 7 digit ID number (obtained at Open House or through your child’s teacher) and teacher’s name/grade. If you send cash in addition to the cost of the meal, any difference will be applied to your child’s lunch account. Make school meal checks payable to School Nutrition. Online: You may also register online at to manage your child’s funds. You must know the student’s 7 digit ID number (obtained at Open House or through your child’s teacher), birth date, and you may use debit or credit card for payment. See the Online Meal Payment section for more details.


7. What is the school day schedule for my child’s grade? Each classroom’s schedule is different. You will obtain a schedule from your child’s teacher either at Open House, curriculum night or during the first week of school.


8. Who are the key people at school I need to know? Principal: Dr. Jackson  / Assistant Principal: Ms. Clarke  / Counselor: Mrs. Schieman  / Secretary: Mrs. Dean / Bookkeeper: Mrs. Brown  / Nutrition: Mr. Harrell


9. Where can I park? When school is in session, it is best to park on the right curb (not the yellow part!) or behind the gymnasium. Be careful not to cross the paved trail as that is where the ball fields begin & your car will be in the way of students during PE. We encourage families to carpool and park at Resurgens Bank (2300 Henderson Mill Road) during school events.


10. What are my options for After School Care? HMES offers an inhouse aftercare program (check with the front off for information)


11. Bus Routes – Am I eligible? How do I know when/where? You may find out more information about your child’s bus route at Open House and also, online. You may also locate this information at


12. Does my child have recess? HMES follows the DeKalb County School Board’s policy on recess.