Empty Stocking Fund is My Go To Christmas Charity

Empty Stocking Fund is My Go To Christmas Charity

Empty Stocking Fund is My Go To Christmas CharityThere are a lot of fine organizations that try to make Christmas a bit more joyful for families who need a helping hand I am particularly moved by Christmas Kids and the work of Clark Howard and WSB.  I also appreciate the work of the Marine Corp and Toys for Tots – shout out here to Bruce Herrig in my office who is faithful always..

But my heart has been won by The Empty Stocking Fund.  For the past couple of years I have been volunteering in the warehouse near the airport. My first experience with the Empty Stocking Fund was in High School (Henderson High School in DeKalb County – now Henderson Middle School) when the Kappa Club volunteered at the Empty Stocking Fund.  Volunteers turn a commercial warehouse into Santa’s Village which is pretty awesome.

Donations from organizations like Junior ROTC, individuals and corporations provide the cash for the Empty Stocking fund to purchase toys in bulk. Toys include Brat dolls, Transformers and other modestly priced gifts.  There are no iPhones, flat screen TVs or bicycles.  Each child gets two toys, a book and a pair of socks.

My BEST Christmas gift this year was a hug around my waist from a little girl who had just chosen one of the Brat dolls and a jewelry making kit. I will remember her running up and throwing her arms around my waist for a long time. Joy!

Families are chosen to participate at the Empty Stocking Fund by County Family Services Departments and after being qualified are sent an invitation they bring with them to the warehouse. 

Parents, and often the actual children, come to the warehouse and wait their turn to enter the  “Vanna” room (named after Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune) where gifts are displayed. Parents select 2 gifts for their child from the display board.  I feel like this parent involvement is important and gives the whole process dignity.

The Empty Stocking Fund’s Santas Gift Shop is staffed by volunteers from organizations around town – and there is always room for more participants!

If you are looking to make an end of the year financial contribution to the worthy non-profit, please consider donating to the Empty Stocking Fund. DONATE HERE

Merry Christmas Ya’ll  

CONTACT information for the Empty Stocking Fund

Manda Hunt, Executive Director   O: (404) 876-8697   C: (404) 441-3455