Emory University Real Estate Agent

Emory University Real Estate Agent

Emory University Real Estate Agent

Sally English is an Emory University Real Estate Agent who specializes in homes and neighborhoods convenient to Emory, CDC and the VA medical center. This is the tag I list on almost every marketing piece I send out or post online.  After attending my reunion at Vanderbilt University this past weekend, I came to realize just how well this tag line defines my business and my neighborhood.  Every conversation about where I live or what I do for a living had a mention of Emory University.


  1. Former Dean of the Emory University Law School

  2. Emory university Professors

  3. Emory University Librarian

  4. Several MDs and PhDs at the Centers for Disease Control

  5. MD affiliated with Children’s Hospital

  6. A couple of Emory University students (children of Emory University Employees so they go the great tuition break for Emory University employee families)

  7. Emory University graduates now working in the business world

  8. I have represented literally hundreds of Emory University, Centers for Disease Control, and VA Hospital  families in the purchase or sale of homes in our “neighborhoods convenient to Emory, CDC and the VA Medical Center.  We have represented and advised families moving to Emory University neighborhoods and families selling their homes to continue their professions away from Emory University. 

  9. I recently represented a a family where both spouses were professors relocating to another University in Europe…..does that count as one or two Emory connections?

We often take Emory University and the CDC for granted here in DeKalb County.  That is a huge mistake as Emory University and Centers for Disease Control are our primary employers and most of the families in DeKalb have some kind of connection to the two. 

The VA also has huge influence in DeKalb County.

Emory University Real Estate AgentDO YOU NEED AN EMORY UNIVERSITY REAL ESTATE AGENT familiar with Emory University homes and neighborhoods? 

If you need an Emory University area Real Estate Agent please do not hesitate to call Sally English 404-229-2995 and we can make things happen. We are experts in the neighborhood.  Really, we are experts in the neighborhood and we can help you with your Emory University or CDC Purchase of a home or sale of an existing home.  Need references,,,we’ve got em.  We get results.  The English Team is consistently ranked in the top three teams for real estate transactions in DeKalb County.

ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR AN EMORY UNIVERSITY HOME FOR SALE? The English Team and Sally English has lots of

homes for sale convenient to Emory University and the CDC. 

These homes are in secure and affordable neighborhoods.  If you don’t see the specific home you were looking for, search all Atlanta Georgia Homes at the English Team Website.  Local zip codes convenient to Emory and the CDC include 30033, 30345, 30329, 30084, 30340, and 30030. 

Local DeKalb County schools provide an excellent academic alternative to private schools.

LINK to Search homes for sell convenient to Emory University


FREE MARKET VALUATION OF YOUR EMORY UNIVERSITY NEIGHBORHOOD HOME. Sally English and the English Team offers a FREE MARKET VALUATION of your home.  Just give us a call at 404-229-2995 and we will arrange to provide you with an up to date an accurate evaluation of your home as it compares to the market place.

You can reach Sally English, an Atlanta real estate agent specializing in homes and neighborhoods convenient to Emory University by calling or texting her at 404-229-2995.