Yard Cleanup Sells Homes

Yard Cleanup Sells Homes

Yard cleanup sells HomesThere is no question a yard cleanup sells homes in the Atlanta, Georgia real estate market.  If you are thinking about putting your home on the market this spring, there are several “must do” tasks you need to take care of before you put a “for sale” sign in the front yard.

1. Prune Trees up for a clear view of the house.  Most of us don’t think about pruning trees.  But low hanging limbs block the view of your home from the street – and curb appeal is the very first thing we have to take care of to get your home sold.  Think about it – most home buyers are going to judge your home based on the front photo as they look down a long list of homes on Zillow/Trulia/  If a homebuyer cant get a good look at your house in the photo – they are not going to click on your home to see the inside photos.  The “front photo” is the gateway to your real estate listing.  Prune up low hanging limbs so we can get a good look at the front of your home.  More importantly – prune up those limbs so we can get a good PHOTO of the front of your home. YES – I have a good recommendation for someone who can cut back limbs.  Call me at 404-229-2995 for a good tree vendor.

2. Cut back shrubbery. In my neighborhoods most homes have been around for a while.  Whether built in the 60s, 70s or 80s – most of these homes have foundation shrubbery that has long ago “eaten” the house by growing tall and wild.  And cutting back most of these shrubs does not hurt them one bit.  We need to be able to “see” your house before we can “love” it. Cutting back hollies, boxwoods and other foundation shrubs is a must do task before you put your home on the market. The same people I recommend for cutting back shrubbery will also take care of your English Ivy (see below).  Call me at 404-229-2995.

3. Kill the English Ivy.  Yup – English Ivy kills trees.  It also kills real estate deals.  Get rid of the English Ivy as much as possible.  Pull it up, cut it back, spray it with round up.  If you have English Ivy “eating up” a tree – cut the vines at the base of the tree.  Then go up about 8 feet and cut the vines off at that level.  The resulting bare trunk will let the homebuyer know you have taken care of the problem.

4. Pine straw and Mulch – nothing makes my heart sing as much as fresh pine straw and mulch in the shrub and flower beds.  Your house will look tidy and taken care of if you mulch and pine straw the beds.  You can have beautiful long needle pine straw delivered to your driveway for $3.25 a bale by one of my vendors. Call me at 404-229-2995.

5. Cut back monkey grass/liriope/Mondo Grass with a mower or weedeater.  This makes the beds look neat and clean.

6. Cut back the grass in your lawn – bag clippings or rake afterwards.  ALL the leaves from last fall need to be bagged up and removed.

If you have ANY questions about what needs to be done to get your home ready for the Spring Market in Atlanta GA call me at 404-229-2995 or EMAIL SALLY ENGLISH