Google Streetview Photo Car Sighting

Google Streetview Photo Car Sighting

Google Maps CarGoogle Streetview photo car sighting on Oak Grove Road was an exciting event.  I felt like one of those fake bigfoot researchers as I snapped a photo of an actual Google Maps photo car zipping along Oak Grove Road near Oak Grove Elementary School.

I did not see a driver in the car and when I took a look at the photo I thought it might be a “drone” piloted car.


Google Maps Street ViewBut a close up revealed there is a driver in the car – he just has the seat back tilted way back.

Google Streetview is very helpful in the real estate business.  I use Google maps to arrive at the correct address and I often use Google Streetview to remotely check out properties when people call in about listing their homes.

Did you see the camera on op of the car?  The elevated position of the camera is a definitely advantage for getting a good photos of the “street view” and the homes as the car drives past.

I am looking forward to checking out the “street view” along Oak Grove Road to see if a car with a Nikon camera sticking out of the driver window is in the photo.

Check out this crazy website that shows some interesting images captured on Google Streetview