Why Good Photos Matter When You Are Selling An Atlanta Georgia Home

Good Photos matter when you are selling an Atlanta Georgia Home

Selling an Atlanta Georgia home, for a value that meets a seller’s expectation, is never easy

Good Photos matterThere is a lot of work that goes on “backstage” to make sure your home is presented in the best possible manner to the largest possible audience.  This means we go FIRST to the Internet when marketing English Team listing in Atlanta Georgia.

Your home is going to appear on the major real estate portals: Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. Yea, we know ALL listing agents are offering the same thing. 

The difference is, we know the secrets of making your home more attractive than the others on the page.

If your home “pops out” in a lineup 10 competing houses, you have a better chance of getting noticed by homebuyers.  And since 9 out of 10 home buyers shop for houses online, this is a must for savvy home sellers.


Take a photo of the home at the BEST TIME OF DAY for natural light.  This may be early morning or late afternoon.  We want sunlight to be illuminating the front of your home so that colors are vibrant and shadows are diminished.  But, we don’t want too much light so that all the colors are washed out and your home looks drab and uninviting.



We have to consider the WEATHER forecast when photographing the front of your home.  The perfect day is a “bluebird” day.  Any day when a storm front has just blown through and the barometric pressure is high is perfect.  We want BLUE skies to appear behind your house when we photograph it.  WHY?  Because the national real estate portals have white backgrounds and a photo with BLUE skies stands out from the crowd.  If we cant get a perfect day, we have a lens that compensates for this and makes the light appear blue in the photograph – no we are not giving out this secret.


Angles matter in how a home is presented in a photograph.  We don’t get too fancy with camera angles but we do avoid emphasizing the wrong features of the home.  Its great to have a nice garage but we would rather emphasize the nice stonework around your front door.


A wide angle lens is a MUST when photographing houses.  Without a wide angle lens you are going to see a lot of stuff in the photo that is not THE HOUSE you are trying to sell.  The house itself should makeup 75% of what you see in the photograph.  A lens aperture of 15-18 mm is required to take this kind of photograph.


You need to adjust the light balance, color and contrast in EVERY photo you use online.  We use Adobe Photoshop.  Raw photos coming right out of a camera do not give a representative photo of your home.

If you are selling a home in 30345, 30340, 30329, 30033,30084 or 30341 zip codes in Metro Atlanta Georgia, we are your best solution for making sure your home is properly marketed on the Internet.  Photography is just one element, albeit an important one, of getting your Atlanta Georgia home listed, marketed and sold.

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