What Happens When I List My House? Part III

What Happens When I List My House? Part III

Third  in a series of articles on “What happens when I list my house?”

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list my housePutting you home on the mls is just the first of many steps in marketing your home. What sets apart the discount brokers and part time real estate agents from professionals is marketing.  Yes, you could sell your home by just listing it in the mls with a discount broker.  But you will leave thousands of dollars on the table if you do so.

All about the Internet: We spend thousands of dollars each month positioning our listings at the top of search engines.  If someone is looking online to search for a home then you want your home listing to appear at the top of the list.  almost 100% of home buyers start their home search online.  But most don’t have enough time to look at every listing online.  They pick the low hanging fruit.  Sally English and The English Team make sure your house listing is the low hanging fruit.

REAL ESTATE DATABASES: Houses listed in the MLS will automatically appear on TRULIA, ZILLOW, REALTOR.COM etc.  BUT, the difference is how they look on those websites and where they appear.  Sally English advertises on these websites and our listings are “enhanced”  They appear at the top of search lists, they have more information about your home AND they have our contact information listed right beside your home.  Buyers can email, phone, text SALLY ENGLISH if they have a question about your home or want to go see it this afternoon.

list your houseENGLISHTEAM.BLOG : Why would we spend the extra time to write a blog post about your home.  In a nut shell, the answer is social media.  Our competition is, with few exceptions, a long ways behind us in this area of marketing.  We are not going to give away our secrets here, but this is a big part of why we are much more successful selling homes in our neighborhoods.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Yep, we do facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter.  People LIVE on social media these days.  You have to go where the buyers are hanging out.

ENGLISHTEAM.COM When you take a look at our website, you will find your listing appears all over the page.  We have your home listing on the sidebar of our home page and also on most of the hundreds of pages on our website.  We also have your home appear in Sally’s listing page  Most agents just want to capture contact info for buyers visiting their website.  Our goal is to SELL YOUR HOME to buyers visiting our website. There is a big difference in the two philosophies.

OUR MARKETING GOAL IS TO SELL YOUR HOME.  Yes, we would like to have the buyers contact us and ask us to show your home.  But we are equally pleased to have them call their real estate agent and ask them to show your home.  We do not concern ourselves with who the buyer works with to buy your home.  OUR GOAL IS TO SELL YOUR HOME.

FLYERS, SIGNS, CONTACT MANAGEMENT: We also pay attention to all the traditional marketing tools.  They have to be done right.  We have years of experience making sure the presentation is flawless.

Contact Sally English and the English Team if you are thinking about listing your Atlanta Georgia home.  Call or text Sally English 404-229-2995.  You can send us an email HERE.

Coming up next in our series on “What Happens When I List My House?”: MARKETING YOUR HOME ONCE IT IS ACTIVE IN THE MLS.