What Happens When I List My House? Part II

What Happens When I List My House? Part II

list my houseSecond  in a series of articles on “What happens when I list my house?”

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Many first time home sellers are thinking about selling their home right now.  The Atlanta housing market is red hot in my neighborhoods (Emory, CDC, Northlake, Decatur, Tucker) and houses are selling.  In part II of the series “What happens when I list my house?” I want to address the actual listing day activities. 

Listing Day Activities:  Under this category are all the things happen the day we put your home in the MLS.  We can have your home on the market in about three hours – from start to finish.

Photos: When we are meeting to sign the listing agreement, the seller and I will pick a day to have the listing “go live” on the MLS.  On a day and time convenient to you, the home seller – the English Team photographer will show up at your home ready to capture the best attributes of your home in digital photographs.

YOU DO NOT have to be present on the photo day.  My photographer prefers you not be at home – but is also perfectly willing to work in the presence of whoever is home at the time.

The best time of day for photographing your home  is rather early in the morning.  Starting about 8:00 am, the light is soft and images of your home will have the most color and POP on the Internet. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to photograph your home.  I know it sounds like a long time – but their will be 125 to 250 images the photographer will capture during that time

HOME FEATURE INVENTORY: At the same time the photographs are being taken, we do a room by room inventory of home features for your property.  We use this inventory to write marketing copy and to answer specific buyer questions about your home.

list my houseSUPRA LOCKBOX: A supra lockbox is attached to your front door or wrought iron railing.  Inside the SUPRA lockbox is your house key and any specific information we need for showing agents.  Typically this is the alarm code for your security system.

The SUPRA lockbox is operated electronically by licensed Georgia real estate agents (technically licensed salespersons and brokers).  Each agent will have an electronic key that sends an infrared signal to the SUPRA lockbox instructing the box to release the container with the house key in it.  

Once this signal is sent, SUPRA captures the name of the agent, the Brokerage company they work for, their email address, phone number and mailing address.  We also know the day and time the LOCKBOX was opened.  More about this in the next article in the series!

YARD SIGN AND POST: During the photography appointment, we put up the yard sign and our distinctive post.  We often get phone calls within minutes of the sign going up in your front yard.

BACK AT THE OFFICE: once we leave your home, we hustle back to the office where we process the photographs on PHOTOSHOP.  We cull the photographs down to 25 images that best describe your homes features and tell the marketing story we want to craft.  Each photo is given personal attention so that it POPS on the Internet.

LIST IN FMLS AND GAMLS: We personally input your home into both First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) and Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS).  We pay attention to the details that make your home stand out from the crowd.  With a tap on the mouse your home is officially “for sale”

Contact Sally English and the English Team if you are thinking about listing your Atlanta Georgia home.  Call or text Sally English 404-229-2995.  You can send us an email HERE.

list my houseComing up next in our series on “What Happens When I List My House?”: MARKETING YOUR HOME ONCE IT IS ACTIVE IN THE MLS.