staging your homeSTAGING YOUR ATLANTA HOME can be a  Key to a Quick Sale One of the keys to selling your Atlanta home quickly is to help buyer prospects to visualize your home as their new home.  Years of experience has helped us compile this list of tasks which are easy to accomplish and can help sell your home during a challenging real estate market.


  • Bake something in the oven just before the open house.  A sheet of ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookies is an easy solution.  The delicious aromas will make your guests feel right at home.
  • Put out some fresh cut flowers in the dining room, bedroom or kitchen to wake up your guests’ color senses.
  • Simmer some cinnamon sticks or cloves in a boiler pot of apple juice on your stovetop to create a nice pleasant aroma throughout the home.
  • Place a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter.Staging your atlanta home






  • Place fresh linens in the bathrooms and do a quick check for unpleasant smells.
  • Replace all the shower curtains in your home.  Old shower curtains inevitably have a mildew smell and new curtains have a fresh aroma – almost like new paint.
  • Remove unpleasant aromas from your garbage disposal.  Grind up a lemon to mask any lingering odors.
  • Set the dining room table as if you were expecting company.  Tablecloth, china, crystal, silverware – use the best settings you have and make it look like you plan to entertain guests that very evening.STAGING YOUR ATLANTA HOME: Key to a Quick Sale
  • Use the fireplace.  Start a small fire in the fireplace and make your open house guests feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Replace your worn welcome mat and clean any glass panels on your front door.

By staging your home in these simple ways, you help a buyer to visualize what the experience would be for them if they moved into your home.  Minor distractions can create a negative perspective of the entire home, giving a buyer incentive to strike yours from a list of properties to consider for their new home.

A small amount of staging you Atlanta home can help put buyers at ease and lets them know that you care about their perception of your home. 

Staging your Atlanta home could be the key to a quick sale.


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