Neighborhood Being “Revalued” by DeKalb County Deputy Chief Appraiser

DeKalb County Deputy Chief Appraiser

One of my neighbors received an interesting email from the DeKalb County Deputy Chief Appraiser in the DeKalb County Tax Assessors office.  Apparently the number of appeals was sufficient reason to take a second look at neighborhood values.

“We are in the process of revaluing your neighborhood.  We discovered an 
error in the calculations and will be valuing the homes at a more 
realistic amount.  You will receive a new Notice of Assessment in a few
weeks.  You will have an opportunity to appeal the new value if you 
still disagree with it.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Donna L. Rosser 
Deputy Chief Appraiser | Residential
404.371.2522 voice | 404.371.2947 fax

DeKalb County Deputy Chief appraiser