Multiple Offers In Zip Code 30345

Multiple Offers In Zip Code 30345

Professional StagingMultiple offers in zip code 30345 are a new thing. The hot Atlanta real estate market has many homeowner’s thinking about selling because they hear stories of multiple offers in Zip code 30345 homes for sale.

Much like trips to Las Vegas – we are only hearing reports of “winners” in the marketplace. Many sellers are wondering why they can’t get a piece of the action. Heck, a single good offer is all they need. Multiple offers to buy their home would be icing on the cake.

The inside story is that properties receiving multiple offers in zip code 30345 have something in common. These homes are updated, sparkling clean and ready to move in. How can you do that with your home? If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, here is the formula for success:

Multiple offers in zip code 303451. De-clutter your home. Remove all the “stuff” you have around the house. Extra furniture, personal photos, trophies, Aunt Edna’s stuffed Jack Rabbit – all of that stuff needs to be packed up and put away.
2. Remove all the wallpaper. Wow, this is hard for some home sellers to wrap their heads around. Wallpaper was a good thing when we put it up in the entrance foyer. Well, not in today’s market. Tastes have changed and wallpaper is definitely out. If you need help with this task, there are affordable contractors who will do it for you.
3. Fresh paint. Fresh paint is and always has been the best thing you could do for your house when you are getting ready to put it on the market.
4. Hardwood floors are in, in, in. If you have hardwood floors under the carpet please pull up the carpet and let them show through. If you have beat up and worn hardwood floors please have them refinished (costs less than you think). If you have carpet or vinyl in the family room and kitchen – think about installing laminate hardwood floors – I have a great contractor.
5. Staging your home is key to multiple offers in zip code 30345. Bringing in a professional stager is critical to having your home be competitive in the market place. If you are living in the home, a professional stager will help you re-arrange your existing furniture so that your home shows it’s best. If the home is vacant, a professional stager can bring in furniture and make it look like a family lives in the home. This is money well spent.
6. A couple of light fixture replacements is going the extra mile and may unlock the treasure chest of multiple offers in zip code 30345. The “usual suspects” are the dining room fixture, entrance foyer and breakfast room fixture. Figure on spending about $80 each for the light fixtures. Most handymen with hang them for you for a fee of around $50 each.

Good luck getting your home ready for the market. If you live in zip code 30345, call Sally English direct at 404-229-2995 for a free consultation and personalized plan to achieve multiple offers for your home.