Lenders You Can Trust

Lenders you can trustHaving been in the real estate business through thick and thin, I have some perspective on the mortgage loan business and lenders you can trust. As a Realtor, the most important business relationship I have, other than my clients themselves, is the mortgage lender relationship.

I can sell houses all day long, but someone has to make the buyers a loan to finish the deal.

Home Buyers come in all varieties and are as diverse as the shape of snowflakes. It is important to have a lender who can work with well qualified buyers and with buyers who are less than stellar with their finances. Above all, honesty and integrity are crucial in a mortgage lender along with excellent communication skills.

My “go to” mortgage lender for metro Atlanta home loans is Shelter Mortgage. Why? James Williamson, Robbie Crozier and Susan Sharp at Shelter Mortgage get home loans approved!

If a buyer needs some work on their credit, James Williamson, Robbie Crozier and Susan Sharp will help the buyer figure out what the obstacles are to purchasing a home and provide them with a road map for working around those obstacles. Even if you do not qualify for a home loan the first time around, James and Robbie will help you determine what steps you need to take to make a home purchase a reality.

Call them to get started on your home loan:
James Williamson 404-483-5512
Robbie Crozier 770-337-9833
Susan Sharp 770-724-8121