Better Than New Homes Priced UNDER New Construction Prices In Metro Atlanta

Better Than New Homes Priced UNDER New Construction Prices In Metro Atlanta

Take a look at these better than new homes priced under new construction prices in Metro Atlanta.  

Homes less than 15 years old in zip code 30345

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Homes less than 15 years old in zip code 30033

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Having been a custom home builder in a previous life, I have always appreciated the value of a newly constructed home.  Yes, there are some minor punch out pains to deal with but the attraction of all new appliances, HVAC, roof etc is strong.  For about two years we have had a huge oversupply of new homes on the market and that has pushed the price of a new home way down.  Prices have stayed low but I have some recent observations I would like to share

1. Many, maybe even most, of the homes that builders (and banks who foreclosed on builders) have left in their  inventory are “dogs”.  They are not the best homes the builder had to offer and have probably been sitting for a year or two.  It is the funky floor plans and less desireable lots that remain for sale.

2. Builders have very few premium lots left in inventory.  They do have a many building lots with drawbacks.  These lots back up to railroads, detention ponds, power lines, commercial buiuldings etc.  Not really a “deal” in my book.

3. Builders are pricing new construction with a premium on what would have been just a run of he mill lot in the old days.  However, you can get a deal if you take one of the “dog” lots.

I just worked with a buyer who struck a nice deal on a home to be built by Ryland Homes.  We had to work around some of the obstacles mentioned above.

BETTER THAN NEW HOMES May Be the Best Alternative

Purchasing a recently constructed home may be the best alternative to new construction.  These homes have the features and design of new construction but lack some of the drawbacks.  If you are looking for a home convenient to Emory, CDC or Midtown Atlanta, consider these options.

better than new homes


3491 Montreal Way Tucker GA 30084












Better than new homes


5660 Martin Grove Drive Lilburn GA 30047











Better than new homes




1170 Parkwood Trace Stone Mountain GA 30083









Better than new homes


3146 Henderson Walk Atlanta GA 30340