Labor Day Weekend for a Working Realtor

Labor Day Weekend

Holidays are always busy times in the real estate business.  The weekend starts out slow as people go about their planned activities. 

Then momentum picks up as travelers return home from lake houses or the beach, the big game is over or people just plain get bored.

This Labor Day was no different than others. 

Saturday morning Labor Day Weekend Activities for a working real estate agent in Atlanta (30345 zip code)

  1. Met a brick contractor at a listing I have under contract and in due diligence phase.  Got a bid for some corrective brick work where movement in a foundation corner has caused the brick to pull away from the house.  Large diagonal cracks in the brick work in this area.Labor Day Weekend
  2. Listed a house for sale at 3651 Winbrooke Lane tucker Georgia 30084.  I had previously met the owner and obtained the paperwork for the listing.  Saturday morning I entered the listing in FMLS.  Tim went over and put up a sign and took photos.
  3. Showed two houses in Oak Grove to one of my Buyer clients.

Saturday afternoon tasks for a working Realtor on Labor Day Weekend

  1. Went to Buford Highway Farmers market and picked up some fabulous fresh vegetables, clams, mussels and lobster tails for dinner.  Also picked up ready to eat Bulgogi-lettouce wraps, and steamed dumplings at the same market for Tim and I to eat at a late lunch.
  2. Spent some time at the neighborhood pool
  3. Finalized an offer on a property in Northlake for a buyer client on my Droid pad while sitting in a lounge chair at the pool
  4. Clams, lobster tail, fresh corn on the grill in my back yard.

Sunday Morning Labor Day Weekend Activities for a Working Realtor

  1. Returned some emails
  2. Went for a walk along the Chattahoochee river with my husband Tim and my English Springer Spaniel Millie.
  3. Back to Buford Highway for Lunch at Chicago Super Mercado with Ted and Catherine Flemming who are in town for the weekend.  Made on the premises Tamales, Taco asada, Taco barbacoa, Fruit smoothie with OJ and cactus leaves.

Sunday Afternoon Labor Day Weekend Activities

  1. Sent executed offer to listing agent for Northlake buyer clients
  2. Received an offer on one of my listings.  Sent listing to owner-sellers for review.
  3. Sent estimates for brick work, carpentry and electrical work to owner seller for one of my listings now in due diligence.
  4. Back to the pool for a little R&R
  5. Showed condo to buyer clients in Tucker
  6. Dinner at neighbor’s house.  Amazing homemade shrimp etouffe.

Monday Morning Labor Day Weekend Activities for a Working Realtor

  1. Negotiating contract offer on one of my listings.
  2. Still working on repair estimates for listing that is under contract and in due diligence phase.Labor Day Weekend
  3.  Off to Bed Bath and Beyond to return some stuff and do some shopping at Lenox.
  4. Expecting to be busy this afternoon with showings.