Greenwood Acres Subdivision Homes For Sale

Greenwood Acres Subdivision Homes for Sale

Greenwood Acres Subdivision is located almost across the street from Twin Lakes Swim and Tennis Club and is within walking distance of Briarlake Elementary School.

Homes presently for sale in Greenwood Acres subdivision Atlanta GA 30345 include 

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Greenwood Acres Subdivision

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Greenwood Acres History (from Greenwood Acres Civic Association

The Greenwood Acres community was developed in the early sixties.  By the mid-sixties, many of the current homes were built and families started moving in.  Some of the early residents decided that our neighborhood needed a garden club.  Thus, the Greenwood Acres Garden Club was formed, and quickly grew into one that contributed to the early foundation of the community.  The stated purpose of the original garden club was to encourage interests in all phases of home gardening and to promote better horticultural practices, civic beauty, and the conservation of natural resources.  The entrance markers were built in the early years.  Permission was granted by members who lived on the property where we wanted to place the entrance markers.  One of our markers is now on the property owned by the Bob Finney family.  The other marker now is located on the property donated to us by the  Jay Ghanta family.   Both families have contributed greatly to the upkeep of the grounds surrounding the markers.

Over the course of a few years, the club sponsored several contests in the community such as:  Neighborhood Beautification, Yard-of-the Month, Christmas Door Decorations, etc.  Many of the original members of the community will also  remember the Christmas season caroling  we enjoyed with our families during the holidays for many years.  Following the caroling, we would go to a home and enjoy refreshments.  This program was very popular with neighborhood families.  During the early years, our club  participated in the DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs.  Flower shows were held, and our club had several winning entries during the seventies.  (Some of you will remember the late Ruth McAbee who was a very talented flower designer during this period.)  She submitted many of the winners.

Our club celebrated several varied social occasions in those early days, such as Spring Flings, Christmas parties, summer picnics, etc.  Many  coffees and teas were enjoyed as new members joined the group.  New friends were made and enhanced over the years as informational and interesting gardening programs  were provided by local experts in many areas of interest to the members.  Also,  workshops were provided by some of our own talented gardeners in programs  such as building-your-own hanging baskets,  craft projects, etc.  The social committee provided quite a few  formal parties during the holiday season where families were invited to participate.  In those days, our group was smaller and our homes would accommodate the memberships’ families  At this time, Greenwood Acres consists of  approximately 175 homes; therefore, much larger accommodations are necessary for parties, meetings, etc.

In 1983, the Greenwood Acres Garden Club officially changed the name of the group to Greenwood Acres Civic Association.  At this time, we asked the men to join the group.  We enlarged our scope of programs that were offered.  Greater emphasis was placed on general neighborhood concerns such as Neighborhood Watch programs.  Several members expressed interest in getting speed bumps put in the streets.  The program was carefully considered, but was not voted upon by the membership.  With our larger groups for parties, we expanded to block parties held outside to accommodate everyone.  Several delightful affairs were enjoyed by the membership during this period.  We were fortunate to have many faithful and loyal members such as Mr. Tom Pruitt who for many years maintained our lights at the entrance markers, and always put out the life-size wooden carolers at the holiday markers for the Christmas holiday season. 

Thus, our status remained until September 13, 2006, when our group under the direction of Mr. Scott Ray, President, applied for incorporation. The new name became Greenwood Acres Civic Association, Inc.  Mr. Ray contributed tremendously to this effort and donated much of his time and energy on our behalf to accomplish this part of our history.

History provided by Betty Pace