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Evansdale Elementary School home search by Atlanta Realtor Sally English Evansdale is a Lakeside High School “feeder” school.  Parent participation is high at Evansdale and the result is an educational community striving for excellence.  

There is an ongoing effort to make the student experience at Evansdale succesful and to prepare student students to succeed at much higher than average levels.


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Excerpts from School Website

Evansdale is a dynamic learning environment. The school is staffed by creative and competent teachers. The students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade are excited by the learning process and parents are available to be actively involved in their child’s education. Within the school there are three distinct student populations. The students who live in the neighborhood are considered the resident student population. A second student population is composed of the students in the magnet classes.

The Evansdale Magnet Program is available to students in kindergarten through sixth grade who have an interest or aptitude in mathematics, science, or French. Students in self-contained special classes are the third group of students. Because there are various educational programs in the school, every effort is made to build a sense of community for the students, parents, and staff members.

Evansdale is concerned with the development of well-rounded students. The school recognizes the necessity of combining resources in this endeavor and offers varied learning strategies for the students, as well as specialized services to meet individual needs.

Our School Goals:

To provide a quality education to each child, Evansdale School will:

Provide each child the opportunity to progress through a comprehensive program.

Provide flexible grouping to meet individual and multi-cultural needs.

Provide a safe environment conducive to learning.

Provide for the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development necessary to become responsible citizens.

Unique Assets:

Students enrolled in Evansdale School benefit from the unique aspects of the school.

In addition to the DeKalb County curriculum, magnet students receive daily instruction in French. The other classes in the school have French instruction twice a week. A science lab is available through the magnet school for all students. Evansdale School is a participant in the Globe Project to promote science and social studies skills. Computer workstations for students are a part of each classroom. Kindergarten and first grade students utilize the Writing to Read lab daily. All students and teachers have access to a computer lab. Art, music, and physical education teachers provide instruction to all students.

The Leon Sims Nature Center is a part of the school campus and provides opportunities for outdoor educational programs. After-school activities for students include a dance group, drama club, chess club, student council, and Junior Beta Club.

Awards and Recognition for Evansdale Elementary School:

2010 Governor’s Bronze Award

2009 Governor’s Bronze Award

2009 4th Grade Distinguished Achievement Award

2006 School of Excellence

2006 Governor’s Platinum Award

2006 Governor’s Silver Award

2000 School of Excellence

School Phone Number: 678 874 2702

School Address: 2914 Evans Woods Drive Atlanta, GA 30340

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