English Family Spring Break College Tour

English Family Spring Break College Tour

Our lovely daughter Hannah, youngest of the three English “girls” is a junior in high school.  As English family tradition dictates, we spent our spent break this past week touring colleges Hannah’s college counselor has suggested for her consideration.  In a whirlwind tour of admission offices, student rec centers and college libraries, Tim, Hannah and I walked the halls of academia as Hannah tried to figure out her academic future.

Having a spring break during the first week of March is a mixed blessing.  If you are going to the Rocky Mountains on a ski trip….fabulous.  If you want sun and fun on a sandy beach…not so much.  It’s still kinda cold in Florida and our budget doesn’t cover trips to the Carribean.

Started the Trip In Washington DC

Our oldest daughter, Caroline, lives in Georgetown and teaches High School history at Saint Stephens Saint Agnes School in Alexandria VA,  It is not a coincidence that her boyfriend lives in Arlington VA and is from Alexandria.  We drove to Alexandria on our first day of spring break and were the guests of Alex’s parents for the weekend.  They also hosted our daughter Ellie who was on spring break at Vanderbilt University.  We played tourists and had a great weekend visiting the museums in DC and spending time with family and friends.

University of Maryland, College Park MD

We started the college tour at the University of Maryland where Hannah was interested in the Engineering program.  Beautiful campus with lots of green lawns and an amazing water feature on “the green”.  It is a larger ACC school but we were pleasantly surprised by the “community” on campus.

Johns Hopkins

Hannah took a stretch and visited Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland.  We really liked the campus.  I think we were all surprised by how friendly and beautiful this campus was to us.  Great tour guides was a plus but we found the atmosphere very collegiate.  Tim went to an urban graduate school, Columbia in NYC, and I was expecting Johns Hopkins to be more if that persuasion.

Washington and Lee in Lexington VA

It was our third visit to W&L as both of the older English siblings gave W&L a serious look.  The campus was beautiful.  No exaggeration.  Loved the school and the people.  Tim and I do not like the off campus housing for upper classmen but everything else is A plus.

Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA

We know alumni are fanatic and it has a high, very high satisfaction rating among students.  But this option just did not click for Hannah.  We hit campus while the students were on spring break and this is not a good thing.  Still, probably not making Hannah’s short list.

Clemson University in Clemson SC

IPTAY has long been a mystery to me.  Clemson Tiger fans have a sticker that says IPTAY.  I have always wondered why.  Now I know.  It is from the athletic association and marks the financial contributors to the Clemson Tiger Athletic Department.  Also, did not know Clemson University was on Lake Hartwell.  Tim could fish while visiting Hannah in college.  The real surprise was how much everyone in the family loved Clemson University campus and students.  Very friendly and beautiful.  We tried to call the most fanatic Clemson Tiger we know while on campus.  Jim Brinkley, you need to phone Hannah and talk her in to attending your alma mater.  Clemson’s School of Agriculture operates an ice cream shop where hand made ice creams are made from Clemson dairy cream.  Yum.

Furman University

Another beautiful campus.  Just amazing landscape architecture.  Lovely and modern buildings.  We had visited when Ellie was visiting schools.  Furman is also high on Hannah’s list.

Vanderbilt University

Since both Tim and I are Vandy graduates, Hannah has made this trip many times.  It has become very difficult to get in to the under graduate program and Hannah knows it is a long shot.  But, hope springs eternal.

Auburn University and UGA

We have visited both campuses and will do so again as the deadlines get closer.