Do the Right Thing

Do the right thing

Real Estate agents have a reputation that is barely above used car dealers.  Sadly, this reputation was earned over the years by licensed real estate agents who only worried about commission checks.  I learned long ago, it is better to “do the right thing” and the commission checks will come along in due time.

do the right thingCase in point.  I had listed a home at 3927 Roman Court Tucker GA 30084.  It was an estate and the heirs did everything they could to get the house ready for the real estate market.  The kitchen was updated and the hardwood floors were refinished.  I thought the house looked great.  But it sat on the market for a couple of months as foreclosed homes and short sales got most of the attention from buyers.

The executors were considering a price reduction but it was really a tough decision as the house was already an incredible value.

The sellers came to me yesterday with a question and a proposition.  One of the original owner’s grand daughters wanted to buy the home.  The grand daughter had been trying to sell her home in a distant Atlanta suburb and had the good fortune to get a contract for the purchase of the home.

The sellers asked me if I would be willing to pull the home off the market.  They also asked what I wold consider a fair commission for the sale to the grand daughter.

Do the right thingMy answers were as follows”

1. Yes, I am willing to pull the house off the market.  The MLS services charge a nominal fee for this and I would appreciate it if you could pay the fee.  Less than$100.00.

2. What commission are you willing to accept for the sale to the grand daughter?  My answer was zero, nada……….. nothing.  I did not earn the the commission and furthermore, I think it is fabulous that the grand daughter will live in the family house.  I did qualifiy that I needed to run this by my husband Tim who handles my marketing and spends a ton of time making sure the houses are placed in front of thousands of potential buyers.  Of course, Tim said yes, not a problem just do the right thing.  Sounds great that a family member will live there. 

3. I made a request to the sellers: If you have an opportunity to recommend my services to a home buyer or seller in Atlanta or Tucker, I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to them about my services.

Thats it.  We pulled the sign and lock box off today.  I am excited the grand daughter will have and opportunity to live in her grand mothers home. Just take a minute and do the right thing