DeKalb Commissioner Gannon Passes Along Advice About Tax Appraisals

DeKalb Commissioner Gannon Passes Along Advice About Tax AppraisalsDeKalb Commissioner Gannon Passes Along Advice About Tax Appraisals

Commissioner Kathie Gannon Responds to Tax Assessment Notices

Recently the DeKalb County Tax Assessor mailed notices to all property owners. These notices inform property owners of the assessed values of their homes and properties. Persons wishing to appeal their assessments must file within 45 days of receiving the notice. Instructions and details for appealing accompany the notice.

In some areas of DeKalb County the Assessor’s office has found errors in the appraisals and new notices will be sent to the owners. Here are the facts as we know them:

  1. There are approximately 2,700 properties that were identified last week with errors. Some of the areas identified with errors include the Briarcliff corridor from Clairmont north to Northlake Mall. Another area with concentrations of errors is within the City of Decatur.
  2. These properties with identified errors were submitted to the Board of Assessors for adjustment at their meeting on June 7th. If a property is reassessed, the value could return to the 2011 assessment because there is not sufficient time to complete individual site visits.
  3. Revised appraisals will be mailed after the meeting.  Property owners will have 45 days from the date of the revised notice to file an appeal.
  4. If additional errors are found, they will be submitted to the BOA at their meeting on June 21st for approval. If approved, these revised notices will be sent out the week of June 25th.
  5. If you receive an adjusted notice, it restarts the clock and you have another 45 days to appeal.
  6. The problems are due in part to a software transition they have been undergoing for about a year. The County is currently operating under two systems. The current system is difficult to manipulate for older more mature communities with varying housing types, styles and ages. Transition is expected to be complete before next year‘s appraisals.

Tax Assessor’s Recommendation:

  1. Wait until July 2nd to appeal to see if you get a revised notice.
  2. If by that date you have not received a revised assessment, you are probably not going to get one and you have until July 13th to file an appeal
  3. If you have received a revised assessment and it is a satisfactory amount you will not need to appeal. If you receive a revised assessment and are not satisfied, you have 45 days from the new notice to appeal.


  1. The appraisers are attempting to adjust land values to more realistic (their words, not ours) levels based on market conditions. Many neighborhoods have seen properties purchased and then the structure is completely remodeled or torn down and a new home is built. This market trend indicates that the market is favoring well located land.
  2. You can appeal based on the total value of your property.
  3. Property Owners can file appeals online by going to You will need the access code printed in the footer (right bottom) on your assessment notice.  The process is fast and you will receive an immediate confirmation that the appeal is received.

DeKalb County Tax Appraisers office is under a tremendous work load now. They will try to answer your questions, but it may take some patience.  There are 66 employees and 230,000 properties.

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