Choose Your Real Estate Agent Using Amazon Reviews

Choose Your Real Estate Agent Using Amazon Reviews

I’m doing my Christmas shopping and a lot of the gifts Santa delivers will be with the help of Amazon. How easy is it to sit in your lounge chair with a warm fire blazing and scroll through Amazon looking at 300 options for a vest. After you knock out the big variables it is rather difficult to decide which vest would be best for my Christmas list. I leaning in – in a big way – on user reviews to help decide which product or brand might be best for the item on my list.

Choosing a real estate agent works pretty much the same way. First you get the big variables out of the way

  • Which agent has listed and sold a lot of homes in my zip code (or school cluster or some other geographic variable)?
  • Do I have any friends have who have sold a home in my neighborhood – were they happy with the real estate agent they chose. (first person referrals)?

Most likely you will come up with 3 or 4 names and then many people are “stuck” on how to differentiate between these agents. Yes you should interview a couple of agents before listing your home – but which ones?

Where can you find agent reviews?

Real estate agent reviews are a good way to weed out agents to interview. Some reviews are better than others – check the quality. Look for specific info about the agents. The number of reviews is an indication the real estate agent is active and working the neighborhood. The tone of the reviews can also be an indicator. I once had a reviewer give me a one star rating (out of five) because she was mad I would not help her search for a home that clearly did not exist (she was on a down payment assistance program and wanted to buy in a pricey zip code).

Using real estate agent reviews is a good way to select a real estate agent to list your home.

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