BUYING A HOME: Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

buying a homeBuying a home: Get pre-approved for a Mortgage.

If you are BUYING AN ATLANTA GA  HOME YOU NEED TO GET PRE-APPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE.  Home sellers will give your offer more respect when they see a pre-qualification letter come in with it.  Foreclosure offers usually require a mortgage pre-qualification letter from the buyer at the time of the offer. Same with FHA listed homes.

You took care of business from our first post by getting a free copy of your credit report and making sure no one had stolen your identity or added an extra credit card or two to your credit history.

Now you need to get pre qualified for a mortgage loan so you know how much home you can afford.  Take advantage of all the work you have to do to get your tax return ready by getting pre-approved for a mortgage. 

After you’ve pulled everything together, make an appointment with a mortgage lender to find out how much money you are eligible to borrow when you purchase a new home.  Once you are pre-qualified for a home loan, you will have a better idea of which homes will fit into your purchasing budget.

Sally’s Hint for Home Buyers: Try to buy less home than the Max you qualify for with a mortgage lender.  Leave room for unexpected expenses along the way.  You will sleep better at night, I promise!

 Atlanta mortgage lendersNEED AN Atlanta MORTGAGE LENDER – Call Sally for Advice and a referral at 404-229-2995. We deal with mortgage lenders all the time.  Some of them are great, some are OK, some are not so great.  Call us and we can discuss your Atlanta mortgage needs.

I work with mortgage lenders every day.  Some do what they say they are going to do, some do not.  One piece of advice is absolute: DO NOT DEAL WITH AN INTERNET LENDER UNLESS YOU ARE RE-FINANCING YOUR HOME!  Period.  

Internet miss deadlines and make life miserable for borrowers who are purchasing a home.  Trust me on this.  They may promise a quarter or half point less on your loan but they NEVER DELIVER.  Internet lenders will yank you around and you will be sitting at the closing table before you figure it out.  Then you have no real choice.  You either accept their terms or walk away from the great house deal you negotiated.

These guys deliver on Atlanta Mortgage Loans: James Williams and Robbie Crozier at Shelter Mortgage. I know others who are also capable.

CALL SALLY ENGLISH FOR HELP BUYING AN ATLANTA HOME – Sally English and the English Team specialize in homes and neighborhoods convenient to Emory University, Centers for Disease Control and the VA Medical Center.  Call Sally English Atlanta real estate agent at 404-229-2995.

OUR GOAL AS ATLANTA REAL ESTATE AGENTS – We look forward to assisting you with your house buying needs. Our goal is to make you an informed buyer buyer of real estate in the metro Atlanta market. Since 1982 I have assisted families in their quest for well located homes with high financial and emotional value. The English Team looks forward to providing you with the same excellent and professional service hundreds of Atlanta home owners have already experienced. Thanks for joining the English Team.