Dream Homes usually have a flaw or two.  How do you figure out and evaluate all the choices home buyers face when buying a home. Take some time to make a list of all the attributes you must have in your new home. Once you’ve got a good idea of the things you’d like, you should prioritize the items on the list.

Work your way from absolutely non-negotiable items at the top, down to things that you might be willing to add after purchase with little effort. Be prepared to seriously evaluate your wants and to compromise if need be, because it’s unlikely you will find a home with all the items on your wish list.

Tradeoffs – A trade off or two will allow you to make the savviest financial decisions when the time comes to purchase a home. You may have to give up a master on the main if you want a basement.  It is difficult to know in advance what the tradeoffs might be.  It is always best when you can make a priority list of house features before you start house hunting.

Atlanta home buying tips and adviceAVOID EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT until after you have negotiated your best financial deal with the seller.  Having a checklist will help you remain objective while the dollars are being negotiated.  You are in a poker match and if you are not represented by a savvy real estate agent, the mark in the room may be you!

SALLY ENGLISH IS AN ATLANTA BUYERS AGENT. Sally English and the English team represent buyers in the the home buying process.  We have buyers agency available so you know whose financial interest we represent in the house buying transaction.  

Georgia law requires both parties (Broker and Buyer Client) to sign a buyers agency agreement BEFORE we start looking at houses.  Otherwise, selling brokers – even when showing around a buyer – will represent the SELLER in the transaction.

You deserve experienced and successful negotiators. Call Atlanta real estate agent Sally English at 404-229-2995 to find out how you can find a bargain priced home in the Atlanta real estate market. Sally English and The English Team specialize in homes convenient to Emory University, Centers for Disease Control and the VA Medical Center.