Advice for Atlanta Home Sellers About Recent National Real Estate News

Advice for Atlanta Home Sellers ABout Recent National Real Estate News

I have some advice for Atlanta Home Sellers About Recent National Real Estate News.  

Are you a real estate seller who has been knocked to the floor by recent National real estate news and reports?  It seems like every news source: TV, newspapers, magazines and Internet has taken the opportunity to report the recent disappointing sales statistics and make a comment on the uncertainty of real estate values and sales.

Advice for Atlanta home sellersI am not a statistician, economist or palm reader but I can give you some advice about selling a home in what is widely viewed as a “buyers market” in Atlanta Georgia

We are still expecting to have 30,000 plus new residents in Atlanta Georgia this year.  These new residents have got to live somewhere.

Households which have consolidated due to economic conditions will “unconsolidate” at the first opportunity.  Families / residents who have lost jobs and moved in with friends and relatives will move out as soon as they have the ready cash to do so. Rents are on the rise and will prompt some renters to buy rather than rent when their leases expire.

Jobs are the key to the Atlanta housing market.  When we have more jobs we will sell more houses.  Follow job statistics and employment to guage the health of the real estate market.4. New housing inventorymand new construction is approaching historic lows (excluding the condo market) and buyers are being forced to consider existing housing.

Know your neighborhood comparables.  Look at homes that have sold in your immediate neighborhood in the past three months.  Anything older is not meaningful.  Homes that are listed but not sold are almost meaningless.  Price your home according to the homes that have sold in the past three months.  Ask your Realtor for help in evaluating the most recent home sales in your neighborhood.
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Be flexible about showings
.  “Appointment only” is unrealistic in this market for most listings.  If a Realtor calls to show your home, work YOUR schedule around when the agent’s BUYER CLIENT wants to see your home.

Price your home realistically.  Price your home realistically.  Price your home realistically.  It is worth repeating ten more times.

This is a key to selling a home right now.  If this means not being able to payoff your mortgage loan, do a short sale.  The stigma of a short sale is gone.  Sea Island had to do it and real estate does not get more glamorous than Sea Island.  I can help you do this with the least amount of embarrassment and loss of pride.  But you will get a huge monkey off your back.

IF YOU GET A LOWBALL OFFER….do not get mad and walk away.  Negotiate the offer until you get to a win win conclusion.  This takes patience and time to educate the buyer and find deal points that are important to their purchase decision.  But it can be done.

8. Marketing must be flawless.  Current photos, advertising on numerous websites, rich and detailed descriptions of your home.  All are critical components of the maketing plan designed to attract a buyer and realize a decent price when you sell your home.

Go stand in the street in front of your home.  Is your curb appeal flawless?  If not, get out the hedge trimmers, go to Home Depot and buy paint, buy pine straw at Pikes.  You have got to make a buyer want to get out of the car to look at your home.

Find a real estate agent you can trust to properly market your home, intercept every buy or agent who expresses an interest in your home and close the deal in the negotiation phase.  You need a partner to get this task done.

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