Zip Code 30345 Low Inventory

Zip Code 30345 Low Inventory

Zip code 30345 low inventory is playing havoc with home buyers wanting to make a home purchase in the area.  Housing inventory in zip code 30345 continues to stay at a very low level based on historical trends.

Homes priced under $500,000 are especially low in inventory.  Homebuyers in the lower third of the market are not finding many homes to choose from as they take a look at the 30345 zip code.  Homes that do come on the market in this price range get purchased quickly if they are move in ready.  Homes that need maintenance or repairs are not moving as quickly but are selling.

Homes priced over $500,000 are moving slower and the bulk of the inventory – on the market right now – are homes priced over $500,000.  We have not seen the take down by buyers move as rapidly compared to homes priced under $500,000.  This may be due to restrictions on “non conforming loans” that are generally required to purchase the over $500,000 homes.  Buyers in this price range require a larger down payment and some of them are delaying buying decisions right now.

Zip Code 30345 Low Inventory is definitely holding down the number of homes absorbed in the market.  There would be more home sales if we had more homes for buyers to consider.