Time to Make A Move in the 2012 Atlanta Housing Market

Time to Make A Move in the 2012 Atlanta Housing Market

Time to Make A Move in the 2012 Atlanta Housing MarketDive in – it is time to make a move in the 2012 housing market. There has been lots of activity in the Atlanta market in the past couple of weeks.  Buyers are out looking at houses.Tires are being kicked and they are looking under the hood.  How much of this increased activity results in sales remains to be seen.  But for certain the activity has stepped up.

If you are a seller sitting on the sidelines and you NEED to make a move, then jump up off the bench and get in the game.  The spring market is where things are going to be happening and you can’t expect to be a player if you don’t put yourself in the game.  

The time is NOW to start the listing process.  Call me for specific advice tailored to your situation.  Some things to think about

1. Call your lender now if you think you will need to do a short sale – ie you owe more than your home is worth.  I can help.  Call me at 770-939-3174 for more advice.

2. Spruce up the yard.  Haul away dead leaves and limbs.  Trim the shrubbery.  Put out some pine straw.  I can send my landscaping fanatic husband Tim over to your house if you need specific advice.  Need a contractor – we can make some excellent referrals.

3. Need to make a repair, paint a room, paint the front door….I can give you several affordable options.  Contractors need work NOW and the prices are right.

4. Staging helps your home show like it was in a magazine.  Call me for staging options.

5. Need a price estimate? – I am your “go to” source for price estimates on Atlanta Georgia homes.  And my services are free!

Call me at 770-939-3174 if you are thinking about putting your Atlanta Georgia home on the market this spring.