Time to Get Your Yard Squared Away

Time to Get Your Yard Squared Away:

Martin Luther King Weekend is a great time to get your yard squared away.  We often have clear sunny days in January and it is the perfect time to catch up on lawn and gardening chores

Pine Straw and mulch in your shrubbery beds will go a long ways toward making your home look like a showplace.  I have tried the pine straw from Home Depot and Loews but it does not hold a candle to the pine straw Northlake Pinestraw delivers to my home.  They have different prices based on what services you need (Pickup, delivery, installation).  I like the choice at $5.95 per bale that includes delivery to my home and installation in my shrubbery beds. They do a professional job. Contact them at 678-395-5881

I also use pine bark mulch in some beds.  No matter what you use – pine straw, bark or free mulch from DeKalb County – you will have to pull fewer leaves in 2018 if you mulch your beds now.

Another task we tackle in January is trimming shrubs and trees.  I follow Walter Reeves shrub pruning calendar and get great results.  Walter helps you identify which shrubs can be pruned in January and which shrubs need to be pruned later in the year.  GO HERE for the Walter Reeves Calendar. is a great source for all your landscaping questions.  He knows his stuff.  I also enjoy his gardening radio show on WSB radio 750 am on Saturday mornings.  Call him with specific gardening questions.

My final task in January is to spread lime on my grass.  Lime is particularly important for fescue grass.  Don’t fertilize the lawn yet as this will only encourage weeds to grow as the grass is dormant right now.

Happy gardening.  You can increase the value of your home by creating an attractive landscape.  And stretching out those winter muscles with some outdoor yard work has double benefits.