Thinking About Putting Your Home On The Market?

Are You Thinking About Putting Your Home On The Market?

Thinking About Putting Your Home On The Market?I get a lot of phone calls that begin with “we are thinking about putting our home on the market.”  It is a simple statement but has lots of ramifications.  Often the families giving me a call may not actually put their home up for sale for 5 or 6 months.  Some have never put their home on the market.  Most are just thinking about putting their home on the market but have some specific things they need to know.

The number one question I am asked is “How much is my home worth? This is a market based question that is not easily answered.  Yes, I can give an estimate over the phone.  It will be a down and dirty estimate based on pulling some comparable sales up while we are talking on the phone.  Not the best way to do a market estimate but probably better than just guessing.

Given time to do a little research I can dramatically improve the reliability of this market value estimate.  I can gather more information about your home, more thoroughly research the market and use analytical tools to determine a market based estimate of the value of your home.  Some folks want a sit down formal presentation of this information.  Some just need to know the “number”.  Let me know which you are looking for and “so it will be done” to quote my favorite line from The King and I.

I advertise FREE MARKET ANALYSIS and I mean it.  You have no obligation when you request a market valuation. Go here to request my free Market Analysis

Once a value has been tossed around home owners typically ask “What do I need to do to my home to get it ready for the market? This question almost always involves a visit to your home to “take a look” and walk through the home.  Most of the things we find will be issues you already know about but just needed a little confirmation that a task needed to be tackled.  Some issues may come as a surprise.  I often find home owners have pet peeves about their homes and want to spend money on improvements that really do not have any impact on the marketability of the home.  Home owners are often surprised when I do not make suggestions like “rip out your kitchen and replace it with a new one”.

Having owned, renovated and sold many investment properties over the years, I find smaller cosmetic changes have the most immediate and dramatic effect on a property.  Removing dated wallpaper, fresh paint, organizing storage areas and improving curb appeal are the most cost effective ways to get your home ready for the market.

What’s the market like right now? Some people want the numbers and others just want a shoot form the hip answer.  I can deliver your market report any way you like.  I have a math and engineering background so numbers and trends are my friends.  If you want a short concise answer – we have that also.  Let us know your appetite for data and we deliver.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, I can help.  Call or text me direct at 404-229-2995 and let’s get started.