Sign of The Times

Sign of the Times

Of Course You Thought Your Agent Agreed With Your Overpriced ListingHave you noticed real estate directional signs have again taken over street corners.  I have a strong dislike for directional signs.  Yes, I have to use them just like everyone else.  My clients go ape if I don’t put one up at their street entrance.  But what really gets my goat are the agents who plaster directional signs all over the place with no real intent to show the “way” to a home for sale. 

 Note to Sally’s clients: One well placed directional is all you really need.  Most of my buyers find your home on the Internet way before they ever drive along the route to your home!


Yes real estate directional signs have become just one more way for agents to get their name out in front of the public. 

SEE ME, I have a new listing!

SEE ME, I sold a house

SEE ME, I want to sell your home.

OKAY, got it.  But please, give us a break on the directionals.  We just want to know what popped up for sale on the street. 


The vast majority of buyers are cruising the Internet looking for their next home.  Sally English and the English Teamhave a great track record of selling your Atlanta Georgia Home using the latest and greatest Internet tools and websites.

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Tough markets and foreclosure notices do not frighten us!  We subscribe to the motto ” when the going gets tough, the tough get going”