Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Atlanta Georgia

Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Atlanta Georgia

During the past five years I became aware a significant percentage of my customers were “seniors” and had specific real estate needs that vastly differed from those in younger generations. 

To better serve these clients I sought to educate myself about special needs and opportunities for seniors as it relates to real estate. 

To that end I completed the education and training necessary to earn a Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation.

Sally English Seniors real estate specialist in Atlanta Georgia

 I Love Working with Seniors!  

My Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) education and training has been particularly useful as I have counseled seniors clients in transitions to assisted living, nursing homes and in moves where seniors seek to live closer to out of state relatives.

I have also devel0ped an emphathy for and special skills related to counseling my seniors buyers as they make moves to or within the metro Atlanta area.

Why Use A Seniors Real Estate Specialist?  Maybe you have lived in your present home for 25 or more years and your children have grown up and moved away.  Or perhaps you would like to sell your two story traditional home and downsize into a smaller more manageable home. 

There are many scenarios where an SRES educated Realtor can provide counseling and advice based on specific training and education.

What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist?

Seniors Real Estate Specialists® are REALTORS® qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+.   The SRES® Council awards the SRES® Designation to those members who have successfully completed its education program.  

By earning the SRES® designation, your REALTOR® has demonstrated necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50-plus through major financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home. Your REALTOR® has received special training, gets regular updates, and is prepared to offer the options and information needed in making life changing decisions.”

SALLY ENGLISH is A Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia

If you are a senior or the family member of a senior in the Atlanta Georgia area, please know that I am sensitive to the emotional, financial and practical aspects of seniors buying and selling real estate.  I pledge to treat you like a member of my family.