Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Selling your home during the holidays Are you thinking about selling your home during the holidays? It is a challenge for most people to put their home on the market during Christmas or Chanukah. There are decorations to put up, parties, family gatherings and family meals to prepare.

Guess what – Buyers did not get the memo. Many buyers have extra time off and are house hunting during the Holidays. Buyers who are relocating to Atlanta are especially likely to be house hunting during the holidays. And there is very little inventory for them to consider right now. If you are brave enough to challenge tradition and put your home on the market in December – you might have a buyer in hand by the start of the new year.

Here is how I can help you make this the least painless process ever for dealing with putting your home on the market in December.

  • Photos: Leave your decorations up and we will take photos of your house “as is” Buyers are pretty much willing to overlook that kind of clutter right now because there are very few homes to look at. If your home doesn’t sell – we can retake the photos in January after you get everything boxed up.
  • Showing Appointments: Take a few minutes and make a schedule of times you don’t want to be disturbed by showings. After you share the schedule with me I will be the gatekeeper for all showing appointments. I can block out the times that are important for your Holiday Celebrations.
  • Pets, Aunt Edna and other showing distractions: All of the objections you have for showings are no problem when you list with me. Tell me your concerns and I will find a solution – a solution that does not add extra stress to your life.
  • Repairs: If you absolutely have to have a repair made in December I can make that happen. Contractors are not as busy in December as they will be after January 1. And the prices will be lower this month than in January!

Tell me your stress points and let me find a solution. It is a feeding frenzy out there with buyers knocking themselves over to find a home to buy. December is a great month to sell your home!