Seller Disclosure Form

Information on Seller Disclosure Form

Various types of information are included on a seller disclosure form.  Here is a brief round down of some of the questions you will encounter:

  • Identification of the property: Includes determination of the owner’s occupancy of the home.
  • Questions about the Soil Trees, Shrubs and Boundaries:  Includes questions about landfills, sinkholes, settling, dead trees, and boundary line matters.
  • Questions about Roof, Gutters and Downspouts: Identifies the approximate age of the roof, any past leaks, and gutter and downspout issues
  • Termites, Dry Rot, Pests and Wood Destroying organisms: Discloses information about potential dangers to the home.  This is the main section for researching termite infestation and damage.
  • Structural Items and Alterations:  Includes important information about movement, shifting, settling, deterioration, and other structural problems with the property.  There are also questions about additions, structural changes, and major alterations to a property.  Additionally, questions about stucco, driveways, patios and retaining walls appear.
  • Drainage, Flooding and Moisture:  Includes questions on any problems caused by water.  You’ll also find some important questions about mold in this section
  • Plumbing related items: Determinations of Septic tanks vs. public sewer for waste water treatment, past plumbing leaks and repairs, and questions about polybutylene pipe in the home.
  • Other Systems and Components: Includes information on the heating and air conditioning, the water heater, and any wiring issues.
  • Toxic Substances: Discloses presence of asbestos, radioactive substances, mold, and other problems.
  • Covenants, fees and assessments: Includes questions about Home Owners Associations and binding property covenants.
  • Other Matters: A catch-all section where a history of insurance claims, litigation involving the property, and general repairs are probed.
  • Fixtures/Items: Specifies what items are actually included in the sale of the property.  Does the dining room chandelier go with the property?  Is the refrigerator included in the sale?  Look in this section for a detailed listing of what is and is not included in the sale of the home.  A handy checklist makes it easy to fill out and read this section.
  • Lead Based Paint:  Discloses the existence of lead based paint on the property.  Georgia Law makes this disclosure a necessity.  As a buyer or seller, you want to protect children against the possible accidental ingestion of lead based paint!

Even more information than we’ve listed above is included in the seller disclosure form.  It may sound complicated, but it usually takes a seller only a few minutes to accurately complete the form.  Handy checklists and “yes” or “no” answer questions greatly simplify the process.