Sell your home during the holidays

Sell your home during the holidays.  Inventory is low – very low.  Buyers are constantly reaching out to us and asking when new homes are coming to the market.  If you are thinking spring is the only time to sell a home then do a quick head shake and change your mind.

Advantages of putting you home on the market during the holidays

  1. There won’t be a lot of competition as inventory is very low.
  2. You have a great excuse not to put up all those holiday decorations.
  3. You can still put up a Christmas tree or your Elf on a Shelf. Just don’t over do it.
  4. Most lookers are actual home buyers – not tire kickers. Everybody else is out shopping, going to parties and dinners so just the actual home buyers are taking a look at your home.
  5. Yard work is not a big deal for curb appeal this time of year. Just blow the leaves.  Or have someone else blow the leaves.
  6. Putting your home on the market is a great excuse for not having to invite Aunt Edna and Uncle Bobby over for dinner.
  7. Selling your home is a great excuse for not sending out Holiday cards.
  8. Interest rates are expected to rise next spring so buyers can afford to pay more for your home now.
  9. You really want to move and can’t wait for the daffodils to bloom before you start the process
  10. REPEAT reason number 1: There won’t be a lot of competition as inventory is very low.

We need houses to sell in the following school districts:

  1. Lakeside High School
  2. Tucker High School
  3. Decatur High School
  4. Druid Hills School
  5. Chamblee High School

Houses in any condition are needed.  Call or text me now 404-229-2995.