How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

9 Dining room 1 9 Family Room 1 9 Kitchen 35 April 21 10 Family room 4 10 Kitchen 5 10 Media roomIf you plan to prepare your home to sell, here are some tips and advice for getting top dollar on your home sale. Think of the steps below as “merchandising” your home.  

If you walk in to a store, products have been carefully displayed so that shoppers can quickly assess the “value added” proposition the merchandise makes in their lifestyle.  Housing is no different and you will need to clean and organize to make your home show it’s best. 

Keep outdoor toys in check.

Collect and store toys that are on the front lawn, driveway and sidewalk. Take this opportunity to talk to children and teenagers about the importance of keeping the house looking good while it’s on the market. We have found bribery works particularly well with older elementary age kids and teens. Give them a concrete incentive to participate and ask them to help you prepare your home to sell (but don’t deliver on the bargain until the home is sold).

Storage areas including attics, garages and basements need to be organized, clean, and have good lighting.

Check out the pull-down staircase to the attic, tightening it if need be. Put a light bulb in the attic. Light is a critical element in the prepare your home to sell equation.

Extra touches in preparing your home to be listed for sale include removing ashes from the fireplace.

Turn the television off while the home is being shown. Keep pools sparkling clean and free of leaves all year long.

Only after completing the basics should you tackle improvements that may actually require assistance from a contractor.

Many of these can be done relatively inexpensively, but are sure to pay for themselves when you sell your home. If you do have some money to invest (or the talent and tools necessary to make the improvements yourself) below is a list of things you might consider.

A fresh coat of paint can get the heart of a stubborn buyer beating at a rapid rate of speed.

New interior and exterior paint is my number one recommendation if you are considering spending some money to make some money in house sales. Yes, I have a fabulous list of affordable home painting contractors so give me a call. You do not need an artist for this type painting so don’t spend a bundle.

Changing out-dated wallpaper goes hand in hand with painting as a solid investment for home sellers.

99% of the time a potential home buyer will not like your wallpaper selection.  It never fails to be an objection. Replace wallpaper with neutral paper or paint, particularly in the foyer, kitchen, and baths.   Removing wallpaper in particular important in the prepare your home to sell priority list if you want to attract buyers in the 30 to 45 age group.

Update the kitchen.

Replace worn kitchen countertops. Get a new stainless steel sink and a new faucet to really give the kitchen some sparkle. New kitchen appliances can actually make the difference in your buyer prospect choosing your home over another. Check out the prices at Sears scratch and dent store on Mountain Industrial Blvd in Tucker or Brandsmart. You can find affordable appliances in stainless steel finishes in builder grade models.

Take a look at updating the bathroom and decide if replacing the toilet, vanity mirror, or vanity sink faucet would make a significant difference.

DeKalb County homeowners will have to replace toilets with low flow options anyway so you might as well get some marketing zip from the expenditure.

Ceiling fans are tremendously appealing to buyers, and you can find a variety of tasteful fans at good prices.

You want the potential home buyer to be a “fan” of your home so add a couple of ceiling fans to your home.

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