Planning to Buy An Atlanta Home? Jumpstart the Home Buying Process

Planning to Buy an Atlanta Home? Jumpstart the Home Buying Process

planning to buyPlanning to buy and Atlanta home?  If yes, I strongly advise you to jumpstart the home buying process with a few simple and easy steps that will make the whole thing go much smoother.  I see so many buyers make costly mistakes because they waited until the last minute.

If you are thinking about purchasing an Atlanta Georgia home in January 2012 or even later in the spring, here are a couple of steps I would like you to take advantage of

1. Do not make a car loan purchase, or take on any additional loans or debt, until you talk to a mortgage loan person about what that will do to your credit.  Wait until after your home purchase for the big ticket stuff.

2. Pull a free copy of your credit report.  Look it over for errors.  I bet you will find at least a couple of errors.  Some errors can cost you big time on a house purchase.

3. Call me at 770-939-3174.  I promise not to give you a hard sell.  In fact, you will have to keep up the communication because I have a lot of stuff that needs to close before the end of the year.  BUT, I can give you the basics in about 5 minutes and REALLY JUMPSTART your Atlanta home buying process.

4. Take a look at my Free Atlanta Georgia MLS Search Engine or my Free Search Atlanta Homes for Sale by ZIP CODE to see what homes are available now in neighborhoods you are interested in.

5. Call my mortgage person for some free advice about how much home you can afford.  He can give you a quick number over the phone.  Then you can follow up in January with whatever stuff you need to get pre-qualified for home purchase loan.

 Call or text Sally English at 404-229-2995 for help with the Atlanta home buying process.