New Tucker Library Opened

New Tucker Library Opened


Tucker libraryThe new Tucker library has opened at the corner of LaVista Road and Lawrenceville Highway (US 29).  The new facility is amazing.  The interior is very open and well laid out.  There is lots of light from the wall of glass along the LaVista Road side of the facility.  There are neat sitting areas and lots of whistles and bells.  I thought the old facility was adequate but will confess the new building was well designed.

Tucker library

Technology was given major consideration and the facility has much more computer access plus more accessible technology.  Putting a computer to search the catalog in the stacks was a great idea.  Another great idea would have been adding a vendor in the facility to sell coffee and light refreshments (Starbucks,Caribou,Dunkin Donuts).  Just saying…….

Okay, there were some things that made me sad

1. I could not identify any change in the book collection.  There have been inadequate book resources at the Tucker library for some time.  And whoever is buying the books is not in touch with the needs of the community.  Yes, the Spanish language collection was enlarged.  That was a good thing.  But I am not ready to give up on books!!!!!  I could do with a few less whistles and bells in the facility as a tradeoff for more books in the stacks.

2. Parking is a mess.  There must be a rule in Decatur DeKalb library design that requires inconvenient parking.  I watched a mother with small children unload and drag her stuff across a lot of pavement before her family could enter the library.  Why?  Because six or more spaces right in front of the entrance are reserved for alternative fuel cars (unused during my visit) and the parking lot was poorly designed in general.  I appreciate the concept but I am not a fan of this type “social” engineering.

3. Walkers and bus riders get even less consideration.  They are routed the long way in and out of the facility instead of directly off the LaVista road sidewalk.  There is already a “path” developing through the landscaping that makes it obvious the designers did not give much consideration to walkers and riders, our true alternative fuel users.


1. The interior designer who selected the furniture and design elements.

2. The architect who designed the windows along LaVista.

3. The citizens paying for these improvements.

4. The addition of The Teaching Company college lecture series (on CD and DVD) to the collection.

Sally English and The English Team

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