Boxwood.MixedBoxMOBILE HOME CHILDHOOD:  I grew up in a “mobile” home.  My father was a homebuilder and our homes were always for sale. Don’t get me wrong, the homes were great and had lots of whistles and bells.  We had lake front homes (twice), home with a swimming pool (once), home on  a 40 acre lot in suburban Atlanta (later turned in to a subdivision!).

JUST PASSING THROUGH: These homes were often the envy of the Atlanta Homebuilder Association’s members and they did not lack in amenities and appointments.  My father, Bill Bryant, was president of the Atlanta Homebuilders Association and a life long member so he kept up with luxury housing trends. My brother, sister and I knew each home was just a step along the way and when we got our bedrooms “just right” it was probably time to move again.

HOME IS NOT STICKS AND BRICKS: My homes were not so much the sticks and bricks as much as it was my loving parents, a great brother and sister plus a community where we put down roots in our church and schools.

LIVED IN SAME HOME SINCE 1982: Now for the confession: even though I have been in the real estate business for 27 years as a custom home builder, Broker and finally as a successful listing and buyer’s agent, I have not moved since 1982.  Guess I got that out of my system growing up.

HOMEBUILDER DAD BUILT THE HOME WE ARE IN NOW: Second confession: my dad helped me build the home of my dreams in 1982.  It was just a shell when completed in 1982 but my husband and I have had a great time putting the finishing touches on it during the past 27 years.  And yes, we still have a few things to tackle.