The Greater Good BBQ Tucker GA

Greater Good BBQ

Stopped in for lunch today at the new Bar-be-que restaurant in Tucker GA.  The Greater Good BBQ restaurant opened its doors about a week ago and was doing a good lunch time business when I walked through the doors after 1:00.

The space is great.  Various and assorted attempts to run a restaurant in what was once one of those budget steak houses have failed over the years. Greater Good BBQ has opted for clean lines and minimal interior appointments – which works for me and my sense of what a BBQ place should be about.

High ceilings, padded booths and lots of seating options, including a covered outdoor patio, make this a comfortable place to tuck into some BBQ.  

You walk in to a lobby type area where you place your order at the counter, pay and then take a table marker with you so waiters can drop off the food at your table when it is ready.  There are self serve fountain drinks (Coca Cola of course), iced tea , draft beer and bottled beer.  If you can;t find something you like to drink with BBQ from that selection, you need to go to a chain restaurant or something.

On to the BBQ.  Everything is sold a la cart.  There are no “plates” so I ordered a pulled pork sandwich ($4.95) and a cup of Brunswick Stew ($2.95) and some iced tea to wash it down ($1.50).  Most sides are $1.99 – cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad etc. Just the basics.

I filled up my ice tea glass with an Arnold Palmer and sat down to await the BBQ.

The pulled pork sandwich was served on Texas toast, was moist and had some smoke flavor.  There was bark showing in the meat (a must for me) and the meat had a nice texture.  I like a bit more rub and smoke on my meat but the pulled pork was a hit with me.

I used some of the tomato based BQ sauce on the table and found it to have a nice flavor which definitely complemented the meat without totally masking BBQ flavor.

The home made Brunswick stew was tasty as well.  Lots of vegetables and meat. Almost a vegetable soup in a tomato meat broth.  I like my stew a little thicker (just add catsup) but this was a tasty and flavor packed side.  I also tasted a nice vinegar flavor in the broth.

This place is going to make it because the people running the place are working hard to give a good dining experience.  Waiters checked on me after the food came out to make sure everything was OK.  It was better than OK, the food was good.

I will be going back to check on the BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken.

The Greater Good BBQ restaurant is located on Hugh Howell Road Tucker GA 30084.