Georgia Farmers Market: Lunch and Georgia Grown Vegetables

Georgia Farmers Market: Lunch and Georgia Grown Vegetables

How about a delicious lunch followed by shopping for some delicious fall fresh vegetables?  My husband Tim and I extended lunch hour an October Friday for a trip to Georgia’s Own Farmers Market (Forest Park – Just off I-75 at first exit past I-285) and lunch at the Oakwood Café.

A Georgia Farmers Market Lunch and fresh Georgia grown vegetables for the weekend was our game plan.

Oakwood Café is located in the Famers Market Complex.  Just follow the signs to “Restaurant” A delicious lunch awaits (no dinner served!).  You’ll walk in to a converted warehouse that has great ambiance.  Things are happening all around as waitresses, servers and guests are moving in all directions around you.

Tim and I were quickly seated and approached by our waitress with “Honey what can I get you to drink”.  The only correct answer is “tea”, which means you will be served a glass of yummy iced sweet tea with lemon.  If you want anything else, be specific.  No alcoholic beverages are served.

Despite an atmosphere that gives off a homey appeal, our waitress punched our order into a smart pad which delivered our order directly to the kitchen.  Our food was out in minutes, literally.

What a feast!  I ordered the vegetable plate with fried green tomatoes (cornmeal crust), fresh cucumber and tomato salad in a home made vinaigrette, black eyed peas, creamed corn cooked southern style and corn bread.  Tim ordered pot roast, real mashed potatoes and gravy, fried okra and a hot home-made roll. We inhaled our food.  It was that good.  Few words were spoken as the hot steaming delicious-ness was scooped into our watering mouths.  Everyone says the banana pudding and homemade cobblers are the best but we had no room left for dessert.

On the way out Tim said he regretted not ordering the fried pork chops.  When I asked if he did not like the pot roast, he replied he did not want to change his original order, he just wanted to add a pork chop to it as they looked scrumptious on our neighbors table.

We then loaded back in the car to ride up and down the aisles of the 150 acre Farmers market where we bought:

  • Baking pumpkins
  • Indian corn (for decoration)
  • Small decorative gourds
  • Fresh “Florida” mustard.  Kind of like a turnip green but sweeter.
  • A box of sweet potatoes
  • Fresh Georgia grown apples (Pink Lady and Granny Smith)
  • Fresh beets

The only thing we did not find was rutabagas.   Another yummy meal awaits tonight as we dig in to the feast we “gathered” at the Farmers Market.