Fourth of July Family Time

The Fourth of July family time has always been a calendar highlight for me.  For years we gathered at “The Farm” in Alpharetta where Tim’s mom and dad welcomed our extended families (Bryant and English) for BBQ and homemade ice cream under the shade trees that surrounded their wood frame farm home. The main activity for the day was just enjoying the company of friends and family gathered around delicious food.

In addition to the wonderful conversation under the shade trees we took advantage of the many farm opportunities that surrounded us.  Feeding the cows leftover water melon and cantelope was sure to draw the attention of younger family members.  Teenagers enjoyed wild rides across the pasture on Mr. English’s four wheeler.  

All of us would pick delicious blueberries and vegetables from Mr. English’s garden.  There were sure to be tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.  Sometimes we got to pick green beans, eggplant and peppers if the weather had been right.

My husband Tim is the family pitmaster and he would serve up BBQ pork shoulder, BBQ  chicken and BBQ pork ribs.  There were lots of delicious sides from family members, a banana pudding from a talented amateur chef and home made ice cream.

But the most memorable part of the day was the love we shared while sitting around under the shade trees telling family stories. 

This fourth of July my family will be doing the same thing.  We won’t be at the farm but in my back yard where new traditions are being made.  Where ever you are this Fourth of July I hope you have set aside some family time to share the love with your family.