Emory University Relocation Clients Look for Atlanta Home

Emory University Relocation Clients Look for Atlanta Home

Emory University Relocation Clients Look for Atlanta HomeEmory University and The Centers for Disease Control are two fo the major employers in my neighborhoods.  These two institutions are the back bone of our local economy.  Local neighborhoods are filled with employees of the two employers and both employ primarily white collar professionals.

If something happened to either one of these employers, local real estate values would sink like a rock.  I often wonder if real estate values have stabilized in cities dependent on a single industry for most of their jobs.  Particularly if the industry hits on hard times as some many US businesses have done in the past two years.

I receive a lot of calls from home buyers who are somewhere in the process of moving to a new job at Emory University or The Centers for Disease control.  Most of my conversations begin something like this: “we want to live 10 minutes from Emory and our kids need the best public schools in Atlanta.”  Or maybe something like this: ” how far out do we have to go to get a 4 bedroom traditional on a decent size lot in a good school district.””  Either way, the question is essentially the same.  Home buyers want to know what neighborhoods have homes acceptable to their life style and offer amenities (schools, parks, commute) that are acceptable to them given the location of their new job.

Emory University Relocation Clients Look for Atlanta HomeFinding the right home for Emory University relocation clients or CDC relocation employees is often a matter of asking the right question.  Homes and neighborhoods in Atlanta come with built in trade offs.  What is of huge value to one client may be less so to the next.  Each client must be polled to determine tolerance for physical attributes of a new home and the intangibles that make a home unique in among thousands in the Atlanta market.

Sally English and The English Team have specialized in finding homes for Emory University relocation clients and Centers for Disease Control employees since 1982.  We know the neighborhoods.  In many cases we know the specific homes on the market.  If you will share with us your hopes and dreams, we can find a home that best matches your dream home.

Call us at 770-939-3174 or go to The English Team website for detailed information about Emory and CDC neighborhoods and homes.  We look forward to talking with you.