DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Must Be Filed Before April 1, 2011

File DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Before April 1st Deadline

Did you move to DeKalb County last year?  If yes, you need to get moving and file a DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Appkication before the April 1st deadline.

If you do not file a DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Application you will pay as much as twice the amount of tax as other residents of DeKalb County.  That’s a huge penalty to pay for missing a deadline!!!


Go HERE for the DeKalb County Homestead Exemption Website

DeKalb County Property Tax Phone Number: 404-298-4000

DeKalb County Sample Form

Most counties have a form to use. Complete it online OR in wiring (send written applications by certified mail). DeKalb County and others have simplified the process with online apllications. Info you will probably need:

  • A copy of your warranty deed
  • Your closing statement
  • Name and address of your mortgage company (if applicable) and
  • your loan #
  • Your social security number


If you have received forms from the tax office in the mail for filing, return them either in person or by certified mail by the MARCH 1 deadline. If you fail to file for homestead Exemption, you not only lose the tax break, you also receive a penalty! If for any reason you do not get a Homestead exemption form by the mid February,go to your county tax office in person.

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From the DeKalb County Website:

HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: You may apply for the Basic Homestead exemption if you own and occupy the home as your legal residence and primary domicile on January 1st of the year in which the exemption is being claimed. The home must be your legal residence for all purposes whatsoever including the registration of your vehicles and filing of your Federal and Georgia State income taxes. You cannot file for homestead exemption on rental property, vacant land, or on more than one property. Homestead exemption applications are accepted year around. Current year exemptions must be applied for January 2 through March 1st. Applications received after March 1st will be processed for the following year. layout graphic

PROPERTY ASSESSMENT FREEZE: Homeowners in DeKalb County that receive the benefit of homestead exemption may also apply for a property assessment freeze to help offset future increases in property value. This freeze does not affect school, city or state taxes. Homeowners who currently have homestead exemption must apply for this freeze, however new applicants applying for an exemption will receive the benefit of the freeze with their exemption. Residents must qualify for this freeze by March 1st by mail, online or in person at the Tax Commissioner’s office. Online Homestead Exemption and Property Assessment Freeze Application layout graphic

SPECIAL EXEMPTIONS: In addition to the basic homestead exemption available to all homeowners, there are special exemptions available for citizens 62 and older as of January 1st, disabled veterans and other disabled persons. You must apply and qualify for these extended exemptions in person at the Tax Commissioner’s office. Age and income documentation are required to grant this exemption. Exemption applications are accepted year around however; current year exemptions must be applied for January 2nd through April 1st. To apply, please bring the following to one of the DeKalb Co. offices:

  • Proof of Age Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, or Georgia ID Card. Proof of Income – Current Year State and Federal Income Tax Returns and Social Security 1099 forms for every member of your household. If you do not file tax returns, you must provide all W-2’s and Form 1099 for ALL sources of income for every member of your household.
  • Proof of Disability (if applicable) – Doctor certification by letter (or form available in our office) stating 100% total and permanent disability and/or 100% total and permanent disability certification from the Social Security Administration or other government agency.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: Please read and understand the following information, to determine your eligibility as an applicant for a basic homestead exemption; then follow the directions below in completing your application.Legal Definition of the word “applicant” is

(a) A married individual living with their spouse;

(b) An individual who is unmarried but who permanently maintains a home for the benefit of one or more other individuals who are related to such individual or dependent wholly or partially upon such individual for support;

(c) An individual who is widowed having one or more children and maintaining a home occupied by himself or herself and the child or children;

(d) A divorced individual living in a bona fide state of separation and having legal custody of one or more children, when the divorced individual owns and maintains a home for the child or children;

(e) An individual who is unmarried or is widowed and who permanently maintains a home owned and occupied by himself or herself.


layout graphicAdditional information: State law requires that all owned or leased vehicles must be registered in the county where the owner claims homestead exemption. Persons registering vehicles or claiming homestead exemption in another state or county are not entitled to homestead exemption in DeKalb County. State law provides for only one homestead exemption per immediate family group (husband and wife). Homestead exemption cannot be claimed on rental property. Remember homestead applications are accepted year around. Current year exemptions must be applied for January 2nd through April 1st. Applications received after April 1st will be processed for the following year. layout graphic


In order to complete the application you must have the PIN number associated with your Parcel ID. layout graphic You can obtain your PIN Number via inserting the Property Address or Parcel ID of your property located within the Property Information Section . layout graphic Once the site has produced your homestead application form, please verify that your name and property address is correct and then complete the application beginning with the question: “Did you own and reside in the home on January 1 ?” If you wish to file you application online, simply click the submit button and you will receive a confirmation that can be printed for your records. When filing online, please be sure to print and retain your confirmation. layout graphic If you are unable to complete this application online for any reason, please click here for an application to be completed and mailed to DeKalb County Tax Commissioner’s Office P.O. Box 100004, Decatur, GA 30031.

In order to submit your application, your motor vehicles must be registered to the county where you claim homestead exemption. By clicking on the submit button you authorize the Tax Commissioner’s office to update your vehicle registration to your home address.

For new homeowners and existing homeowners without homestead exemption: Please click here for Basic Homestead and Property Assessment Freeze application. layout graphic

For homeowners with existing homestead: Please click here for the Property Assessment Freeze application.’

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