Atlanta Sports Scene Boosts Relocation

Atlanta Sports Scene Boosts Relocation

There is no question the Atlanta sports scene boosts relocation to metropolitan Atlanta. When considering relocation opportunities around the United States both Millenials and seasoned Executives give Atlanta the nod because of the rich and varied sports scene in Atlanta.

One of the best parts of my job as a real estate agent is showing homes to young doctors and scientists visiting and interviewing at Emory University, The Centers for Disease Control and Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta as they consider a move to Atlanta. They are not here for a job interview as they are the creme of the creme and have opportunities to move to major research institutions and hospitals all over the United States.  Instead, they are visiting Atlanta to measure how the job opportunity and the city match their expectations as a place to live and work.

Atlanta stands head and shoulders above other competing job opportunities because of great “quality of life” assets and specifically sports options.

College football in a major driver for sports fans.  Just tune into sports radio and you will get a taste of how strong college football is in the south.  Atlanta stands at the insection of the Southeastern Conference and the Atlantic coast conference.  The College Football Championship is being played in Atlanta this weekend.  Two teams within easy driving distance of Mercedes Benz stadium will be playing Monday night for the national championship (I am a Georgia fan – Sic em!).  But more importantly, fans of 24 ACC and SEC can see their alma mater play against UGA, Georgia Tech.  And there are also major games at Georgia State, Morehouse, Kennesaw and Clark Atlanta. College football fans from the Big 10, Pac 12 and others can see their teams play when they travel to Atlanta to play regular season games, bowl games, and Championship games. The same argument applies to college basketball fans (I’m looking at you UNC and Kentucky fans).

What about pro football fans?  There are a substantial number of fans in Atlanta who cheer for their hometown teams and show up in mass when playing our Atlanta Falcons.  Are you a San Francisco 49ers or Philadelphia Eagles fan – you can see them play in Atlanta.  New England Patriots fan – yup they play in Atlanta.  And why not adopt the Atlanta Falcons as your home team.  They are in the playoffs this year after an appearance in the Super Bowl last year.

Are you a Millenial and you don’t give a dang about football – unless is the football played on a pitch.  Joy of all joys as Atlanta is now the best and brightest star in MLS – Atlanta United.  I am a season ticket holder and can not adequately tell you how fabulous watching AU play has been for my family.  It unites me with my Millenial daughters in a way no other sport can do.  PLUS Atlanta is now in line all the major soccer events like the USMNT, World Cup play and much more.  Are you a fan of Barcelona, Manchester United, Die Mannschaft?  You have a chance to see them play in your hometown.

Pro baseball (Atlanta Braves), Pro Basketball (Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Dream) and others sports all look to Atlanta as a melting pot of fans from all around the country.  And Atlanta has a way of becoming “America’s Team” thanks to Ted Turner. The new baseball venue is amazing and Phillips Arena is awesome for concerts and basketball.

One of the easiest ways to establish rapport with my relocation clients is to find out where they are from and start a sports conversation.  Chances are they have already been to Atlanta for a major sporting event.  And now they are looking at Atlanta as a possibility for their new home.  The Atlanta sports scene boosts relocation odds for our city.  And as a fan, I can honestly say our sports scene enhances the quality of life in Atlanta.